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He Lies. [excerpt]

by Estelle Fraser Quill-yellow

It is cold. The grass glistens, gracefully, covered by a layer of ornamental dew. Leaves slowly fall as their entirety is swept away. Deep rills emanate the solid mass of complexity that dances benevolently in its place. Pungent; the sweet air itself is matchless for the complexion. Gradual footsteps seep through the newly softened soil and the grass rests. He is there; one with the pallid sky; the sky that envelops his dreams. The fragments of water too, seep, through the woven cotton spread that conceals his cold body. He is scared. The leaf: bronze, subtle, disarming, makes its journey through the dankness of the air, past the hiding buds of yellow petals, resting by the sinews of his waxen corpse, disturbing the roots of misunderstood trees. The roots creep, making vines through the weak soil, tracks upon the footprints of his past; creating his innocence. His hindered breath: fine particles of fog, deep matter of menace, softly whispered distressing songs. He, a being of grace, exists by the vines of challenging lies. He, a being of chance, exists only in the minds of the forgotten, the memories of the unknown. He, a being of ruin, is there; one with the savagely placid breeze that whistles as he dies. They all die; eventually.

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Explanation Occupy

by Tyler Garrison Quill-red


It is my understanding that there are a select few citizens who believe they’re exempt from their civil obligation of paying taxes. Every person with minimal knowledge of government sustainability understands that for a government to perform its obligations, taxes must be assessed to the citizens. In our current taxing system, our current policy suggests the amount of income each citizen earns, reflects the amount of taxes they’re assessed. In this manner the amount of taxes provided to the government correlates with the wealth of its nation. This ensures that the wealthier a nation becomes, the better its citizens are provided for.  In our representative democracy this is not happening. This is not will of its citizens.

The wealth of the U.S. is vast. If the amount of taxes its government receives correlated to the amount of wealth it possessed, US citizens would have zero reason to feel the government could better provide, and their grievances with our civil decline would be unfounded. The citizen’s grievances are founded due to a select few citizens who feel they’re exempt from their civil obligation of paying taxes. These citizens are the reason the amount of taxes our government receives does not correlate with its nation’s wealth.  The citizens’ grievances include, lack of funding in education. They feel that if our children aren’t well educated they will become a further civil liability on our government. The citizens grievences include lack of funding in health care. They believe that if a citizen’s health is not monitored well enough to take basic preventative measures, the infirmed will become a further civil liability on our government. The citizens also feel that if the amount of taxes the government received correlated with the amount of wealth it possessed, the government would be more capable of feeding its hungry citizens, sheltering its homeless citizens and treating its afflicted citizens. These practices are economically sound. They are smaller initial investments prevent the necessity of larger future investments in such governmental obligations as prisons, courts, policing and emergency health care.

US citizens are all members of a representative democracy.  In a representative democracy the will of the people will be done. Until the taxes our government receives correlates to the amount of wealth our nation possesses, citizens will have reason to believe their government is not representing the will of the people. The will of the people will be done. We must vote into law policies that ensure the wealth of our nation directly corralates to the amount of taxes our government receives. 


Political Campaign Finance-

It is my understanding that there are large private parties that influence the funding of political campaigns. The citizens believe the influence of this funding has become a greater influence on policy than the citizens. They believe that these parties wish to influence our politicians to perform their will, not the will of the people. The will of the people will be done.

The citizens believe that as long as large private parties have financial influence on political campaigns, they will also have influence on policy.  This is not the policy that our fore fathers conceived. They were rebels non-representative government .  They understood with clarity the necessity of a ruling populous.  They understood with clarity that excess of greed combined with power is unsustainable. This shaped the ideals that are the foundation of our strength. These ideals are what afforded large private parties the opportunity to become large.  The citizens believe that it is the private party’s intention to avoid their tax obligations by any means necessary and with deteriorating ethic.  When a private party exhibits more influence on policy than the citizens, the citizens believe laws are created that are not the will of the people and they are not part of a representative democracy. The ethic of large private parties is not the ethic of our bill of rights or our constitution.  Our government must adopt legislation that ensures private party funding can in no way influence political motives of sound civil philosophy catered only to the populous which elected them.   


The will of the people will be done. 


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by Frederick Bridger Quill-yellow

In July a tall wind sluiced through the pass,

Thirty-one days of blowing Biblical apocalypse,

And tree tops swayed savagely as if they would

Break like dreams.  Stunted pines peeled

On the ridge line and skies turned strange with broken

Promises of rain, or heavenly pearls, in distant and watery

Gray that shrouded the mountain like fog over hope.


The house shook in the night, blistered like singed flesh,

And six tall evergreens, kissed bloody and dead, sprawled splintery

Across the rutted dirt road.  Landscapes changed.  I lay

Awake the night something behind her eyes blew away.

How do you remember someone you never met? Invisible

In the years, wind talks to shadows, chokes the rest of us

Into resignation.  Some things exist only when you can’t see them.

Posted on: December 15 2011


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Silver Night on the Mountain

by Frederick Bridger Quill-yellow

Sunset is a young girl in pink and black

Who disappears all too soon,

Never to enter your life again,

The girl who marks you forever,

Desirable demoness who hides in darkness,

Blows her wide breath

Into your face

From under silvered constellations.


Silver night shadows shift shapes,

Move in your vision and

Raise the hair on the back of your imagination,

Drift across a landscape now for rent,

Where once you could see the sky, and

Wind through 60 foot pines

Was the poetry of heavy breathing.


I felt safe here once,

Could stand naked at the screen door

And piss off the porch.

Now mulie bucks in bachelor bands

Walk the night on the edge of the north side hole

That was going to be the basement,

Hole now filled with debris of dreams

I don’t remember and youthful sex,

And inconvenient segments of a life

That somehow never happened.


It doesn’t matter how we got here now

Or where we go.

It is a place I know,

Where the wind is the sound of outgrown experience,

Mutterings of desires unsated,

Shadowed sounds slipping away

Through ageless shadowed trees.

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by SBRhyme


Dr. Swapan Basu

Newark, NJ USA

23rd February 2011

  Break! Break! Break the old rusty and

Make! Make! Make new better things.

                        In the year 2011, in the people’s land,                                     

So many revolutions, we have to bring.


                        Long waited the deprived, ignored mass,

                        Without job, food, medicine or shelter.

                        How dare they make all of us harass?

                        Why do we live without a health care?


                        We build the wealth with hard labors,

                        With talent, innovating new products.

                        Companies fail due to bad managers,

                        But the wealth, the greedy CEOs suck.


                        In bad times they shed the workers

                        Slaughter them like innocent cattle.

                        While they keep looting and devour.

                        Only innocent workers die in the battle.


                        They don’t lose jobs or cut own salaries

                        Play golf and travel in personal jets.

                        The poor loses all and face miseries

                        Silently looks for jobs without benefits.


                        When will the people wake up in rage?

                        Protest against all these mistreatments.

                        When will they tear off the bondage?

                        Shake up the society, failed governments.


  Weapons are weaker than the awakened mass

                On 14th July, in France, fell the fortress of Bastille.

                Threw stones to break rocks, railings and glass.

                Broomstick, shovel, rods won over tanks and rifle.


                In Nepal, they dethroned the monarch,

                Military dictator was deposed in Pakistan.

                In Egypt, at Tahirir Square, people march.

                Presidents Musharaf, Mubarak reluctantly ran.


  Arise people of America, don’t be so afraid

                You are the Lord, gave power to the Congress

                The courts, military are your servants, maid

                Use your weak muscles to end your distress.


                Demand job security, free health care

                Stop the Government’s criminal force.

                Establish your freedom without a fear   

                Chaos brings order to set the right course.


                They have money for the useless wars,

                But not for education or free medicine.

                If you tolerate, things would get worse.

                To them taxing the rich friends is a sin.


                Break! Break! Break the cruel capitalist hand

                Strike! Strike and let the liberty bell ring

                Injustice, slavedom, you must not withstand.

                Let us pray together, march, yell and sing.


  Poets and singers! Open up ordinary people’s sight

        Because your pen and voice are mightier than a rifle

        Listen to a poet America! Sing the glory of human rights

        Demand basic needs for taxes. It is a survival struggle.


                Enquire where did our money, wealth go?

                Ask why we fought a war based on lies,

                Try the criminals. The war mongers duo

We can not detain and torture without trial.


                Come out my dear poor brothers and sisters,

                Grab the lit torch from the Statue of Liberty,

                Hold the tricolor flag high, spangled with stars

Demand Democracy to America! You the Almighty!        


Posted on: December 07 2011


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A Strawberry in the Champagne

by Frederick Bridger Quill-yellow

They say Zeuss gave her to another but I claim

Her as my own; I defy gods daily.  She

Throws soft shadows over me, lives as much more

Than any footnote to a husband’s mythological life. 


I taste the red of her, polish her indifferent

Lacerations, want to kiss her until morning,

Suck the breath from her, protect peppermint

Wrists, feel the tingle of her touch,


Make her sex weep for me.  I drink forbidden

Fruit-studded nectars from her, feel the wetness

Of her kisses, the heat of her tears, make

Myrtle and roses yield to my desires.


No room for jealous ponderings.  We share

A slice of loneliness threaded through little

Regrets that quickly pass; we are who we are,

Or whoever we pretend to be.  We are still lives,


And fingers on skin, warm damp mornings

When you are close but never want it to end, and

Once more is never enough. After, nothing

Is as it was before and I wonder what


She got out of it.  You cannot promise

Much if you don’t desire to give, and she

Promises a constant.  I want no happy endings

Because they are endings.  We are an idea.


Posted on: December 04 2011


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An Invisible Dancer

by Frederick Bridger Quill-yellow

She is liquid lethargy, leather and candlewax,

Chocolate silk, merry widows and fishnets.

Once she twirled in short schoolgirl plaid skirts

And white knee socks in the library; now

She wears profound mystic beauty on plexiglass

Platforms, moves slowly under dark artificial skies

In a room that throbs with blues and dust, strokes

Herself along a pole, soft flesh against unyielding metal,

A tall lover that demands nothing of freshly naked flesh.


In this sad place where you wait for what’s to come

She transforms into hollow bone, wears a strange necklace

 --collected memories of those who came before-- allows you

To kneel and place dollar bills in the collection plate, twists

Your tortured expressions into unspeakable dances,

Floats like a bloody flower in tampon-soaking pools.


Rough as razor wire, she dances softly in your thoughts,

A dance that says “I’ll sleep with you once…

Only to rinse the taste of lost loves from your tongue”

While her eyes travel to other places. Who does she see in those

Moments before the lights fade and music dies?


Once you knew her, in a time before you had forgotten

To feel things, before passion’s absence became a gaping crevasse

You both skirted, its nothingness clad in basic funereal black,

In a time when her name was sweet on your breath

And the air around her was sticky, sweet, and coated

Your throat, before sharing became solitaire

And you wondered who she saw you as this time, before everything

You thought you knew washed away in freezing rain.



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In October

by Frederick Bridger Quill-yellow

At the end of my 59th year a moon of sorts

Hung huge and beautiful in an eastern high

Plains sky, perched for a moment atop Square

Butte to watch me sideways as I rode the

Four-lane homeward, back from a brief birthday

Dinner where retrospect hijacked years and

Questions heaped themselves high atop a plate

Of home-baked sourdough and a medium-rare filet.


Elongated shadows knifed through a landscape littered with

Choices carefully catalogued, options weighed but never

Balanced, mountain trails unexplored, friendships that never

Were, people I’ve invented, everything reduced to

A single thought:  I’ve never seen the Great Wall,

The real one, in the Rockies, not the Chinese thing.

I often grow weary after big meals.  Soon, shadows

Will fade into obscure imaginings and I will sleep.


Posted on: December 04 2011


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Someday Soon

by Frederick Bridger Quill-yellow

Forty years later her face still haunts me, the

Young girl on the cover of a warped 33 LP,

And I hear again sweet melodies, submissive

Lyrics -- especially on nights like this, when I long

For things that were.  Instead I live the way

They play in the now.  In a time of wine-soaked


Nights I am no longer here but

On a fierce mountaintop inhaling

Elemental aromas; I hear words

Of loss and longing.  It is still mountain music,

Brings me briefly home from empty arid

Places where even mysterious superheated


Shadows do not bring things back. 

I have lived that damned old rodeo, taken

Directions so absolute, irrevocable,

Inconceivable that I can never

Return to where I want to be.  In tired

Skin I stare at marble mosaics and want

To deconstruct shaky system constructs,

Topple idyllic skyscrapers.


Ageless girl, steal me from today.


Posted on: December 04 2011


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Only One Way

by Lavender Jay Quill-orange


When a girl, Audra, is stolen from her home, she is thrust into a world of another dimension. A crazed, dying king has desperatly gotten hold of her to force her into the job of protecting his young son, who is soon to be king after he dies. What Audra doesn't know is the reason behing the king forcing his son to seize power of all Nefaria. It's deepr then just a thirst for power. It's his past that has thrown him in the direction of abusing his people, and desperetly seeking to control them. When Audra turns eighteen, the king has a special gift for her, a gift that will make her stronger to protect his son. But before Audra knows it, she is seeking an escape route. She suddenly wakes up covered in snow, drenched in blood, no longer in the kings castle, but in the forest, next to the Nefarian village. When they take her in, she has no memories of her past. She can't even remember how she got there. Her life is drasticly changed. Now that she is no longer enslaved in the king's castle she realizes what she truly wants to do. She wants to help her newly found people. But now that the king has died of old age along with illness, his son has finally taken over. With him taking over his father's same ruling style and habbits, there is no doubt in Audra's mind that this king must go down. But the thing is, he can only die one way. Knives, arrows, or swords can't harm him. And now it's Audra's job to find out the one way to kill the king.


Only One Way


      The house was quiet, dark, and filled with a faint chill from the outside snow. All was asleep except the wondering eyes of a ghastly strange man, outside, looking for one specific window. His shoes barely pierced the powdered white grass with any sound at all as he suddenly stops.

He sees the pink window that he has never before seen in person. Only drawn out on maps for practice routines. But this was in fact, no practice. His slinky fingers protruding from his thin palm, grasps the window seal and with an oddly shaped tool, he pries it open. The silence of the house is lightly broken by the squeaking of the dark brown floorboards as his shoes hit the floor and begin to work their way to a dimly lit bed.

The bed is a small bed, a toddler bed. White, lined with pink frilly lace. In the bed lay a child. Dressed in a thin multicolored t-shirt, and a cute pink pair of night shorts. She sleeps clutching a tiny teddy bear whose left ear bares a purple ribbon. He looks around the room.

He sees a children’s book laid out over a rocking chair. He sees a ribbon dangling from the closet door, saying “Daddy’s number one girl.” He looks and sees a pink Barbie house, with toys scattered throughout the squared out rooms. ‘This girl is just a child’ he thinks. His heart almost breaks. She deserves a normal childhood. He almost leaves, wondering what his boss would do when he finds out the mission was failed. Almost. But almost could not stop him.

His long fingers wrap around the child’s arm as her eyes suddenly open. A piercing shriek fills the room and leaks through the girl’s unopened door. Mother and father’s eyes open. Both jolt up from their beds without grabbing slippers or a robe, or even turning on a light. Their feet race across the floor, through the kitchen, down the hall…

The man turns his head as his ears pick up the sound of frantic parents. His legs fold over the open window like a deadly spider crawling creepily through a house. With kicking child in hand he races back down the path that he came from.

The mother and father are too late. They look around an empty room and they do not see their precious baby girl. The mother falls as her legs give out and the father catches her in his bewildered grasp. They weep together. Though they can’t see her, they can hear her. Her faint scream wakens all the neighbors. They race outside. They see only footprints in the snow. They begin to run franticly after their child.

The ghastly man looks behind him without stopping. The girl is biting the man’s arm. He yanks her off of him. He grasps tightly around her wrist.

The little girl looks around her. She is in the woods. Dark violent shadows seem to taunt her and stream around her waist. She still holds her teddy bear.”There’s no time for toys, girl.” He pries the bear from her tiny clutching knuckles. He tosses it to the snow.

He closes his eyes and takes in a deeply exaggerated breath. Starting from his elbow his veins start to bulge and something orange starts to glow and twist through his veins, making its way to his forearm and gravitating to his palm. He stands clutching the four year old girl with his left hand and holding his right arm in an “L” shape, in running position.

He first thrusts back his elbow, and then strikes forward his arm. The glowing light that gathered at his palm has now been thrown into a jet black shadow. The girl falls to her knees. Her brown curls sparkle and her intense green eyes widen at the sight of this immortal happening. The man yanks her up.

He looks at her in disgust as he jerks the girl, as well as himself, into the now opened portal formed by the light. Before she was fully inside she looks behind her. She sees the teddy bear, the white crispy snow, and the evergreen trees. Then she hears her mother. She is calling her name. Her voice gets softer and cloudier as milliseconds tick by.


Her mother’s voice was the last thing she ever heard that was on the opposite side of that portal.


The man walks up to the king of Nefaria, sitting at his thrown. A seven year old boy stands at his left side and in a near room the king’s nine year old boy plays with his toys. “I see you completed the task.”

The king glances down at the frightened child. The girl is gnawing at the man’s arm, fighting, kicking, anything that might help her break from the man’s crippling clutch. But all he does is laugh. “Typical human things this girl does. Kicking cannot harm one like me.”

The girl scrunches up her face. She spits on the shoes of the man. “I can call the cops you know. I know 911.”

The king of Nefaria and the man exchange laughs. The king speaks. “Cops? You want cops? Well if you want them I can bring them. But in Nefaria, they work for me. So I don’t see how this would bring you any good.” He glares at the child. “I brought you here for a purpose, and trust me girl, you better fulfill what task lay ahead of you.”

The silent boy standing next to the king of Nefaria now begins to speak. “It’s a shame you know.” He begins to walk towards the child. Then glances up towards the King. “Your son’s curse. Anyone will start a war to try and find out how to break it.”

The king slams his fist down on the arm of his thrown. He starts to shout at the boy. “You don’t think I know that, Nathanial? That’s why I brought you and this child here. To protect my son. But  if for any reason my son caves into the town people, or gets killed, you and this child will take over rule.”

The king gets up from his chair and walks down the four steps onto the even ground where the man and girl stands. “Get up, girl, and tell me your name.”

The girl shakily gets up from her knees. Without looking up from the floor she talks. “I want to go home.”

The king utters out a stressed laugh. “Don’t be ungrateful now. If you think about it, I actually helped you. You’re too young to understand now, but in the next years, you will. I’ll try to put it into simple words for your little brain to understand.” The king began to pace back and forth, searching for correct words.

“You and Nathanial are going to get a gift, an extremely powerful gift, when both of you turn eighteen. You see, this gift will help protect my son, the future king, from getting hurt. Since, well, He can only die one way. He can’t get hurt by swords, or arrows, or any weapons. We have already tried them all.”

The king released a twisted laugh from his lips and continued to speak. “No one knows how he can die. No one. Not even me. That’s why you must protect him. If I was a nice king,”

The king bent down, until he was eye level with the girl, and pinched her cheeks.

“Then so many people wouldn’t have already tried to kill me and my son. That’s why you have to protect my son, don’t you see? Now girl, tell me your name.”

The king glared at the girl as if looking into her very soul. She shyly spoke up. “Gracelynn.”

The king smiled and patted Gracelynn on the head. “Not anymore it’s not.”

He beamed with a smile smacked on his face and he galloped into the castled kitchen. Before he turned to go in, he looked over at Gracelynn. “From now on it’s Audra.” He slanted his head as if pondering the name. “Yes. It will suit you, once…you get the gift.” After that, Audra never saw much of the king.



Only One Way


Audra has been having headaches but she does not know why. Every night she has nightmares, nightmares that are so vividly played out in her mind that they seem real.

~                                                                                        ~

She is breathing heavily. She looks behind her to see if anyone is chasing her. She stops, she sees a window. She has no time. She runs, her legs feel like cinder blocks that are dragging behind her. She looks down through the window, its six stories up.

Her ears pick up feet stamping across the hall. She jumps. The chilled air flys across her face as she hears guards trying to snatch her loose clothes flying around her body. She hits the floor. She hears the guards chattering for a brief second. They begin to talk as they exchange ghastly looks. “She’s dead.”

 ~                                                                                        ~

A shriek is heard that leaks all around the trees and into the ears of the Nefarians sleeping in their homes.

“Audra, wake up. Wake up, Audra, its okay, I’m here.” Audra jerks up from under her covers and sees the intense eyes of Telian staring straight back into hers. “I’m not dead. I’m here.” Audra’s unstable voice fiddles across Telian’s ears. “You had the dream again?” Telian asks.

‘Yes. I had the dream again.” Audra no longer stares into Telian’s eyes, but through them, as if she’s stuck inside her nightmare. Audra falls over to her side and clutches Telian’s thin long sleeved shirt. She rests her head on his shoulder. “I can’t shake the dream. It just won’t go away. It’s pounded into my brain. What does it mean? Where did it come from?”

Her voice was demanding and staggering as she spoke. Her brain raced for past memories. But there was simply none to be found. She always tried desperately to grasp even a tiny little portion of a memory drifting by, but the thing was, there were no memories drifting by. The only memories she had were that of the past three weeks.

All that before those weeks seemed to evaporate into the chilled and icey sky, floating violently away from Audra’s self-being. She didn’t understand. She tried to piece together why she had no memory of anything in the past. She was eighteen, and she could not remember her childhood.

One thing she did remember was the spine chilling voice of a woman. The women was calling out a name, seemed to be calling out for Audra herself. “Gracelynn…Gracelynn!” It called out, and faded as milliseconds ticked by. Audra didn’t understand, but for some reason she believed the woman was calling out for her, even when the names didn’t match up.

She also remembers being picked up from the powdery grass next to faelight springs. She was injured. And she didn’t know why. When they found her, they kept asking her why she was covered in blood and why she was so badly injured. But she couldn’t remember. She felt like she just jumped through a window that was eight stories high. But that was when she joined Nefaria. When they found her, half dead, covered in snow beside their village. The Nefarian people became her home, and Telian, her best friend. Telian is twenty-two. He has an oddly dark tan for living in such a cold place. The sun is so shy that it is rarely ever seen peeking up over the evergreen trees.

 Telian speaks in such a way that his voice alone can call the sun out from hiding. His voice dips in deep tones, and high, loud laughter. He is tall and thin, but bares such strong muscles that he once lifted an five foot boulder that had fallen and blocked the path to faelight springs.

His walk is a confident one, but not a gloating one. He walks in long lengthy strides and his shoulders sway along with the slight, cold winds. His eyes, an intense green with splatters of golden brown along the outer edges of his pupils. His eyes always seem to be on Audra. He is protective over her. But that’s not the only reason his eyes can’t seem to turn away.

Audra is beautiful, although she has a very fair complexion, her skin is baby doll perfect. Not a blemish, nor one bruise, lines her skin. Her smile radiates with perfection every time Telian walks by her. Her hair is not straight, but yet, not curly. It seems to be stuck in-between, rising this way, twisting that way, curving around her face in such a way that it compliments her high cheek bones.

The Nefarians think that the two have potential to fall in love. But neither seems to notice how the other adores them.

“I just don’t understand.” Her voice stiffens as she glares into Telian’s eyes. “You’re blessed with the ability to have millions of memories, while I’m stuck with less than a hundred of them.” Telian tried to feel Audra’s pain, but he couldn’t fathom the idea of having such few memories. Instead of saying words he just clung around Audra, holding her tight in his arms.

They both sit in each other’s embrace. Telian sitting criss-cross in front Audra as she, her knees folded up to her chest, leans against Telian with his arms wrapped around her. ”I want to go to the castle.”  Telian’s muscles suddenly become tense. He releases Audra and takes her chin is his hand, turning her eyes to look at him.

“What did you say?” His voice is panicked. He just stares at Audra.

“I’m no use to you here. I don’t belong here.” As much as Telian wanted to deny it, he couldn’t, because he knew it was true.  She didn’t belong here. She was different. Telian scanned his eyes at the presence of Audra. Her eyes were blue. Her hair was golden brown and wavy like the wind twisting in the trees. Her smile was like no other. It was perfect. Her skin bore no bruises or any imperfection.

 She was like no other Nefarian. All Nefarians had green eyes and blonde hair. None had brown hair, or anything in-between. Their skin was filled with cuts and bruises from the labor of the days. He had to face it. Audra was different. No one knew why, but she just was.

“I don’t want to let you go. It’s too dangerous.” Telian wanted to force some sense into Audra. He wanted to kick and whine and plead her to stay, but he knew better than that. He was too mature for such childish behaviors. But still, a piece of him wanted to fight for her. Audra was her own person though, and had the right to make her own decisions.

“I know it’s dangerous, Telian. But this is important. If I don’t even belong in this place, then the least I can do is fight for the people of Nefaria and prove that I should be here.” Audra had a brave soul, and was always up for a fight. “The king is going to harm everyone here. No one knows why he wants so much control. But that’s the way it has always been. And for some reason, the king is different from every previous king.”

Telian looked away. He did not look into Audra eyes. He didn’t want to face that fact. He hated that he couldn’t even defend any of the people if the king ever decided to strike. Because the king, in fact, was different.

Audra gently drew Telian’s face up towards her, so he was forced to look at her. She got close to his face and stared into his golden eyes. “He can only be killed one way.”

Her voice was trying to be strong, and show bravery, but Telian knew her well and could tell she was afraid.

Afraid that she could not figure out what one way he can die. Afraid that she will let her people down. She was afraid because killing the king was not going to be easy, and getting him to trust her was going to be even more difficult. She was even more afraid of the rumor that had been spread around, even before she was part of Nefaria.

There was a rumor of a biotic man. This rumor started because of a frantic man running through the woods, running through the twirling pathways, trying to escape this so called machine. He fell upon Faelight, and told of his adventure. He said he tried to murder the king.

He took only a dagger with him, hoping that the dagger was the one thing that would kill the king. He said he saw the king sipping red wine at his royal table. The king’s back was facing towards him, so he decided it was time to plunge the dagger through his heart.

He began to run at the king, and when he got to him, he dug the dagger through his back, on his left side, and through his heart. The king did not have an ounce of fear in his eyes as he turned around, and stared at the man who was trying to murder him. He crookedly smiled, and grasped the dagger with both hands.

He screamed as he jerked the dagger from his heart. He simply dropped it onto the floor, and watched his blood splatter on his shoes. “Nathanial.” The king said. And those were the only words called to summon the machine. He said that at first glance he looked human. But all you had to do to find out that he was not human, was look into his eyes.

They hadn’t had a soul. They had no emotion, no thought, and no shiny glare. They were just a solid and dark blue. His face held no thoughts. His stance showed no thinking of what to do next, all he seemed to be program to do, was kill. Just when he thought the inhuman machine could be no more inhuman, his arm began to glow.

It held a blue power of some sort that lit up his forearm and gravitated to the center of his palm. And then he blasted a frightening blast, straight from his hand.

This is what scared Audra the most. Even though she tried to believe it was just a rumor, some part of her secretly believed it was true.

“I’ll leave in a week. To gain strength and rest so I will be ready.” Audra released herself from Telian’s clutch and excused herself from her single room. The homes in Nefaria were made from leather and branches, and anything sturdy enough to be made into a single square with a door.

The homes were not big in Nefaria. Most were warrior homes; single roomed homes for one single person. The other third of homes were filled with the town’s people of Nefaria: Nefarians. They either had two or three rooms, depending on how many kids the couple had. Other than that, they were single rooms for either single persons, or one couple who had no kids.

Nefaria was quite a large place. Most of it is covered in a thin layer of powdery snow, with lush green trees and grasses. Other parts are just forests, springs, and hunting grounds. Audra walks around the pathways in Faelight, just taking time to think. She walks past people of familiar faces and waves a graceful hand in their direction. She walks past the Faelight cooking grounds and eating stations, the warrior training grounds, and hospital sections. She walks past all the clutter of the village, away from the pathway, and into the forest. She seats herself on the grounds of a flat rock dusted with dirt and twisted in leafy vines.

She has a plan building in her head. She isn’t exactly sure of how it is going to work, but it has to. She only has one chance. Her plan seems simple in her own mind, but in reality, it is going to be much harder. Her plan is to gain the trust of the king. She will fancy him, and offer her service to him.

She will act like the reason she will be coming to the castle is because she feels she doesn’t belong with the Nefarian’s. Which is partly true. She will act innocent and kind. And never disobey the king. Once she gains his trust, and he sees her as a loyal servant and right hand man, she will wonder the castle. She will look for any clues that will help her kill the king.

Audra knows it is going to be difficult, and it is risky. But she has already made up her mind. She is going to murder the king.


            The past three days have been hard for Audra. She hasn’t told anyone of her plan except for Telian. She felt guilty for not telling Laiyta. After all, she has been like a mother to her. She never once left Audra’s side until she fully healed. Even though the severe gash in her shoulder healed only one day after the Nefarians had found her from wherever she had been before that, she still felt ill for several days afterwards. Laiyta took care of her and made soups and medicine from the leaves of the forest.

Through that experience she and Audra had become close. And even though Audra did want to admit she had a soft side, she truly did. She admired Laiyta and her graceful, motherly behavior towards her. Audra just couldn’t hold it in anymore. She had to tell Laiyta.

Audra wonders through the village, turning this way, that way, looking to the left and right. She can’t find Laiyta anywhere. Her heavy leather shoes thrusts themselves all around the leaves as she begins to walk faster looking for Laiyta. “Laiyta! Laiyta!”

She adjusts her head forward and suddenly runs into Telian. She looks down to the tattered floor. “Oh, sorry. I was just looking for Laiyta. Have you seen her anywhere? I can’t seem to find her.” Audra’s eyes peeks above Telian’s shoulders and peer around the forest. She wonders where she has gone. Has she gone hunting?

Did she go to the springs to get fresh water? Well, yes that’s probably it. After all, the village was in need of more water. Telian wrapps his hands around Audra’s shoulder and guides her to a chair. Once they are both sitting, he still has his hands wrapped around her, looking at her like he had a terrible secret to tell.

Telian sits there looking at Audra and the way she gracefully stares back. She smiles at him and bops him on the shoulder with her fist. “What is it, Telian? You’re sort of freaking me out ya know.” She giggles hesitantly as they sit in silence for a moment. “Gosh, I love that smile.” Says Telian as he nudges her chin. He suddenly gets quiet and stares at the floor. He looks up at Audra once again.

Audra could hear him hoarsely swallow as he is trying to talk to her. “Um, you know Laiyta. She’s a brave little lady.” He smiles a small, quaint smile. “She uh- um.” He shakes his head in frustration because he just can’t say it out loud. Most everyone knows about it by now, but never once have they said it out loud.

He moves closer to her, wraps his arms around her, as she rests her head on his chest, and his head on top of hers. He stares blankly into the thin air, as if recalling a memory. “You must be a light sleeper, huh?” He coughs out a weak laugh, trying to make it as less painful as possible for Audra.

“I guess so,” says Audra softly. “Why?”

“Well” begins Telian. “Laiyta- she um-“ He swallows harshly. “She went out last night. Into the castle.” Audra’s laid back and relaxed body suddenly jumps up out from under Telian’s grasp. “No,” says Audra. “Why? Why did she do that?” Audra is franticly looking around her, her hands are trembling.

Telian softly continues, but can’t look Audra in the eyes. It would be too painful. “She was trying to find answers. Answers that would help us kill the king.” Audra stands there as Telian stands up and meets her eyes. She iss violently shaking her head. Her teared up eyes meet Telian’s. Telian puts his hand softly on her shoulder. She yanks away from him.

“She went in, and she found a book. It was labeled ‘Ο ένας τρόπος’ She found it four stories beneath the castle. Under endless tunnels and doors and secret pathways. Before she could take it, or even open it to the first page, she suddenly met eyes with-“ Telian’s voice is shaking and cracking. He pauses for a moment and continues. “-the machine.”

“No Telian! No!” Audra’s voice is filled with anger, rage, and sadness. And regret. If she told Laiyta of her plan sooner, maybe she wouldn’t have gone in because she would have known that Audra would be going in there instead, to find answers. “Telian, don’t say it’s true, Telian. Please. I don’t want to hear the words. Please!”

Audra’s bare hands are clutching onto Telian’s chest. They are digging into him, grasping him, making red marks through his thin shirt. Her eyes struggle to meet Telian’s as her shuddering voice manages to speak. “Tell me it’s not true. Tell me! She was… was… the only mother I ever knew.”  Her eyes are red, and her cheeks salty from the thick tears streaming from her crying eyes.

Telian’s face twists into a saddened disgruntled look. He looks over at a warrior, as if queuing him to speak, because he can barely speak any longer. “I’m sorry Audra. She was very dear to all of us. She- I- I was with her when she passed. We went in together. I ran before the machine had time recharge for another blast.”

“She was blasted?!” Audra’s wobbling legs finally give out as her body crumbles into Telian’s arms. Her sobbing echoes into the dimly lit trees as Telian carries her into her home.

            He sits her onto her bed. He kisses her forehead. “I’m sorry.” Her cheerless eyes cranks over to Telian. “Sorry? Is that all you have to say? This is your fault!” Telian’s comforting face, curls into a surprised and baffled expression. “My fault? How is this my fault?”

Her saddened face suddenly becomes a raging mad one. She takes her hands and puts them on his chest and shoves him backwards. She points her finger at Telian and angrily begins to speak. “You. You’re a warrior! You weren’t there to protect her. I bet you didn’t even care that she was going did you? You just let her go! She was so innocent and sweet, she wasn’t built for warrior missions! And you just let her go!”

“Let her go?! Let her go?! You think I would have just LET HER GO?! You need to come back to reality, Audra, because you must be dazed from the situation. I didn’t even know she was going! She snuck away with a warrior and went in there! She was being brave. She wanted to do something that would help this village, this world, from being destroyed by a maniac king. She was tired of us sitting on our butts not doing anything about it, SO SHE WENT AND DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT!” Telian is out of breath by the time he stops yelling. Audra’s eyes are red and her chin is quivering. She stares blankly up at Telian who is huffing in and out form all his screaming. Telian never screams like that. Especially not at a girl. They stand staring at each other. Audra’s hand are still dangled from Telian’s shirt as he stood, clutching on to it, twisting it around her fist. Her shaking features turn into quiet sobs, and she pushes him away. Telian immediately realizes his mistake.

Audra excuses herself from the argument, and starts to walk away. “Audra, wait.” Telian reaches out his arm to try and pull her back, but her slender arms escape his grip. He begins to walk after her, but it only makes her walk turn into a run. She runs away from Telian. She shouldn’t have yelled. But he shouldn’t have either. I guess the two owed apologies cancel each other out. Because she knew an apology was not going to be made anytime soon. She runs to the Gathering Gates on the west side of the village. There are only four gates that lead out of the nefarian village, and that was the Gathering Gates, the Hunting Gates, the Hospital Gates, and the Main Entrance Gates. They are only opened at certain hours of the day, and luckily for her, the gathering gates are opened right now. They are always opened at seven in the morning, because that is when the assigned gatherers go out and look for food, and return at nine. One warrior always goes with them, to protect them from any wild animals.

So she runs, and when she sees those gates, it is like freedom from the world. Temporary freedom, because she knows she has to return. The gate guard, named Naiti, sees Audra desperately running out of the gates, but doesn’t think twice about it.   

Even though her eyes are watching the trails she passes, her mind is racing with thoughts. Her best friend is dead. That word just didn’t seem to seep in. How could someone so full of life and love, just suddenly be gone? Just cease to exist in one simple instant? Her heart refused to believe the fact. She rushed into the hushed woods. She never laid foot outside of the gathering paths before, but she just had to get away from the world. She collapses to the floor. Her head bends down to the earth and she lies on the dirt, crying. Her salty tears mixe into the dirt, creating mud upon her face. Her breath is exasperated. Her lungs fill with air and release, but every breath she takes feels like a dagger stabbing her beneath her ribs. May as well be one there anyways. Or through her heart. The pain would feel the same as the pain from her best friend’s death. She lays there on the unbeaten path of nefaria. She clenches her fist together and pounds them into the ground. Her fists create pot holes in the mud created by her tears. She digs her nails into the earth, scratching away at its free nature, and feels the grainy texture in between them. She compresses her face to the ground and releases a murderous scream, then continues to pound her fists. Then she lies, still. Very still. If a passer-by saw her, they would probably think she was dead. Her body lay limp and splattered with mud. She sits and thinks about her friend for many hours. Once she decides to stop acting like a child, she drags her legs up and stands. She stares into the trees of the forest and becomes envious of them. “Why are you so free?” She asks them. “You get to sit in the suns light everyday and feel warmth upon your leaves, while I have to plan for the fight of a lifetime.” Her face scrunches into a loathsome expression. She spits at the base of a tree. “I loathe you!” She shrieks. She begins to break down in cut off sobs. “You never have to deal with deaths! You last forever, you barely have to see anyone die. You last for decades and decades while I stand here today and suffer!”  She removes an axe tied down to her belt and runs towards the forest like a deranged dog. She chucks the axe, and retrieves it again. She slashes her way through bushes and vines, her hands are rough now, from grasping it so tightly through the day. She spends hours hacking away at the forest. Jealousy of its freedom and a mixture of emotions bring this effect on her. She is crying the whole time, unable to retain her hate. And sadness. She suddenly feels a strong hand gently touch her shoulder. She tilts her head upward, and sees Telian from the corner of her eyes. She immediately falls to the floor, axe still in hand. The forest around her looks like a hurricane just swept through. She lifts her trembling hands to stare at them. They have blood dripping from the sides, and bruises already forming.

“I take it that you’re not okay,” Says Telian. Audra shakes her head. Telian reaches around her, trying to lift her from her knees. She jerks backwards, refusing his help, and falls to lay her back against a tree. She wipes her sweaty face with her sleeve. “Leave me here.” She says. “I’d rather stay here, then to go back to the village without Laiyta.” She adjusts her eyes toward Telian. “Listen okay?” Says Telian. “You have been gone for hours. It’s nearly three in the day. I was worried about you. I thought you were dead. Everyone said that they haven’t seen you since the gathering gates opened.” Telian extends his arm out for Audra to grab hold of to help herself up. But she doesn’t budge. Telian’s face grows stern. “Audra, get up. Stop acting like a child. I know she’s gone, but no one can do anything about that now. People die Audra! It’s the circle of life! It happens to us all eventually. So get up.” She still doesn’t move. She just stares at the dirt. “Get up.” Shrieks Telian. You could see the difficulty in Audra’s throat as it tries to swallow her saliva. “Do you know how I feel, Telian? Do you? You’ve never lost anyone, so you wouldn’t ever know how I feel!” This is enough to set Telian off again. He stares intensely into Audra’s eyes. You can see his jaw muscles as he clenches his t

eeth together. “You think-“ It seems difficult for him to speak. “That I haven’t lost anyone?” He raises his finger and points it at Audra. “How dare you assume that I haven’t felt what you are feeling. Just because I know how to hold my feelings when they need to be held, doesn’t mean I‘ve never felt the same ache in your heart that you’re feeling right now.” He lowers his head, and covers his mouth with his hand as choked out cries escape from his heated lips. “I had a sister. She was beautiful. She had perfect green eyes, and gorgeous blonde hair. She was my angel. I would do anything to protect her.” His eyes flicker with moist tears as he stares blankly into space as he recalls his memories. “She wanted to go hunting with me one day. My mom and dad decided that it would be a good idea, so she could learn to protect herself. You never know what surprises are going to be in the woods- So I took her to an easy hunting ground. Where there were usually only small animals, like squirrels and rabbits. So I showed her how to hold a bow and arrow. She was a natural at shooting them. She was so graceful, and precious. She wanted to go for a long kill; she saw a white rabbit in the far distance. And wow, she could sure shoot. She hit that thing that it was nobody’s business. I was so proud of her. I told her to stay put while I ran out to grab her kill. She smiled at me and hugged me so tightly and said okay. She was so happy. It all happened so quickly, I shouldn’t have left her-“ I grab Telian’s hand as he continues. I found myself drenched in tears before he even finished. “I ran out there a pretty far distance away from her, back farther in the forest to retrieve the rabbit she killed. She was out of view when I crouched down to pick it up; Trees blocked my view of her. I heard a shriek. Then I heard the shooting of an arrow, and the sound of the pressured string on the bow sling back. I heard a monstrous sound, like a lion gnawing on raw meat. I ran as quickly as my feet could take me. And then I saw her, and a beast snarling over her shoulder. The beast had devilish eyes, and it was skinny, but even in its skinniness you could see the sheer power of its muscles moving back and forth. That Beast. That beast was horrific, blood drenched its coat, and that was all it took. I slung myself toward the horror, and wacked it in its torso. I shoved my knife into its heart.” Telian acts as if he doesn’r want to say anymore, so I speak up. “You don’t have to tell me anymore, it’s okay. I understa-“ But Telian continues; waving his hands in front of him, and positioning them as if holding his sister in his arms. His hands shake out of fear and regret. He begins to cry. I can barely understand him through his sobbing. “I then I looked down at her. Her hair was red from blood. Not one blonde thread shone through. Her flesh was ripped apart; I could barely recognize her- My sweet girl, my sister… I got up, and repeatedly stabbed the beast. I didn’t care if it was already dead. I shouldn’t have killed it right away, I should have left it to suffer.” Telian just sits there after that. Hazed and haunted by the memory. I lean into his shoulder and he embraces me with his usual warmth. But his hug is sloppier, not as bright as usual. I brush away the hair from his face as tears stroll down my cheek like they have lived there forever; like my cheeks were their permanent home now. We sit there, crying together. Being sad together…regretting life together. “I’m sorry for screaming at you, Audra. I shouldn’t have acted-.” I hush his mouth and provoke them from uttering another word. “Hush, you don’t have to be sorry. It was my fault.” We both sit in each other’s embrace. Telian’s chin is resting on my head as mine was on his chest, listening to his heart beat and unsteadied pounding of his breathing in and out.

“ I love you, Telian.”

“I love you too, Audra.”

Audra’s heart skips a beat. Even though she knows they are both saying it as friendly words, she secretly wishes he was saying it because he truly does love her.


(Stay updated! Ill be adding much more once I finish writing it. I hope you enjoyed it so far, please let me know on anything I can improve on. Thanks!)

Posted on: December 02 2011


Not yet rated / 5



by Luda Lumoz

throw my bones

into the incinerator

tie my hands

and jam the accelerator

give me ruby missiles

and another rotten smile

if the lackey sings

I may not see you for awhile

Posted on: December 02 2011


Not yet rated / 5



by Luda Lumoz

a hum in a hive of streetlight

swells with day and explodes

bass, the waste fluid

of urban rebirth, drains

down an alley with the dregs of night 


faces, shucked down

to a linear ironwork of survival

shout straightpins into suits

or grovel on the marble steps of charity


fetish in the first degree

latex dusted with narcotically imploded stars

lunges past horizon in pursuit of night

heaving sides welted

in the unmistakable outline

of bootheels

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Not yet rated / 5


Bicycle Accident

by Roben Quill-orange

While riding her bicycle on a city street near the sidewalk, a lovely lady’s foot got caught between the pedal and spokes of the rear wheel, throwing her to the ground. She sprawled out, somewhat dazed, wondering how this silly thing could have happened, and waited for the pain.

Posted on: December 01 2011


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Twelve-Bar Blues for Jews-Harp in B-Flat

by Frederick Bridger Quill-yellow

Two years I have wandered like an old-time prophet, desert-

Birds nested in my beard, drunk the while

On red wine, formaldehyde, and vivid visions

Of eternity here. I breathe sand and insanity through open

Mouth, feel loneliness press relentlessly down on the back

Of my shiftless struggles.  I sleep, hours of sleep.  I drink

Fancy European coffees in third world hotel

Cafes.  I sleep again.  I write Gregorian rants. 

I rail, hide, ride blood-soaked carpets through suicidal

Traffic, above the press of the masses, in the face of psychic

Repression. I raise my staff high and cry how long?

To deaf heavens, and call room service for another bottle of red.

Posted on: November 30 2011


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Private Places

by Frederick Bridger Quill-yellow

The writing a muse does not share writhes across

Mysterious places he cannot go, refuges

Where she can speak without frightening others.

She girds herself with words; in secret places

She plants little pearls, grains to resurrect

Eons later, smooth and perfect and wondrous

As she, feral, unowned.


Here no one calls out her adornments.


She finds forgiveness in words that smell like delicate

Dark flowers in a woman’s hair, words

Breathed out like pale white wreaths

Onto frosty mountain air, words

That ease the pain of sometimes dark dreams. 

They ease the pain of transgressions that become

Necessary in order to live, a sacrifice

To ancient savage gods. 


I read it as great lyric poetry.

Posted on: November 29 2011


Not yet rated / 5


Faded Love

by judylady2000 Quill-orange

Chapter 1:

First Meeting




Taylor woke up with the sun hitting her right into the eyes. She yawned and stretched. She hadn’t moved all night. She hadn’t slept well either. Everyone had been up, howling to the other pack to keep off of their territory. She hadn’t done that. She had flattened her ears, put her paws over her ears but nothing kept the howls out. All night long was the yipping and barking of her pack members. She almost wanted to rip her ears off.

Anyway, she got up and went straight out. She was subordinate. Which meant that she was the Alpha’s daughter. She was pure white. Once every full moon, though, she got a tad of blue here and there. The shaman, Winter, said that she was gifted ever sense she was born. Winter was Taylor’s best and loyalist friend. Taylor couldn’t think of anyone other than Winter to be friends with.

Now, Taylor was lost in thought and didn’t see where she was going. She ran into a tree at the border line of their pack and their enemy pack. She shook her head and headed to the water hole that they shared with the other pack.

When she got there, she saw another wolf on their territory. He was pitch black. Taylor new that he wasn’t part of her pack. She would have to run him off. She growled and lowered her ears. He then looked up and lowered his head, “Um…” he started. Taylor growled, perking her ears up now. He looked down, lowering his eyes, “Wait, before you kill me, I have something for Midnight,” he barked. Midnight was Taylor’s mother, “What?” she asked, tilting her head to one side, “Well, I can’t tell you,” he growled, “I’m her daughter, tell me now before I run you off of my territory!” she growled, taking a step forward, showing her teeth. He lowered his head again. Taylor figured that he must’ve been a scapegoat, “What is it?” she growled again. He sighed, “We want your territory, beware, were coming,” he said and then he jumped onto his side of the territory and he walked off. Taylor thought for a moment before running off.

When she arrived back at camp, she ran to her mother, “Mom, enemy has sent a message,” she informed her, “What?” Midnight asked, “We want your territory, beware, were coming,” Taylor replayed the moment in her mind over and over. Midnight jumped up, “Thank you,” she dipped her head and jumped up the rocky cliff to where Silent Moon lay, sunning himself. Silent Moon was the Alpha male. AKA Taylor’s dad.

Taylor didn’t leave until Silent Moon new about what was going on. When he called a meeting, she sat where she had before. Winter sat beside her, her white coat shining in the sunlight. When Silent Moon quieted the crowed, he looked at them all with his yellow eyes, “Everyone, enemy has sent message. We want your territory, beware, were coming,” that sent ripples of whispers everywhere. When Silent Moon quieted them down again, he started talking again, “Everyone who is strong enough to fight must prepare to fight! Even the one’s that are learning must be ready!” he howled. Howls followed.

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The next hour or so, all of the wolves were ready. Winter and Taylor among them. They were all ready, ready for the fight. They could almost smell the blood that will fall. They all growled under their breath, ready for anything. Then, came the attack words from the other side of the territory and Taylor jumped into action. She didn’t care who she killed, they would save their territory though. Fur was flying. Teeth where everywhere. As was blood. Taylor looked franticly everywhere for Winter. Winter wasn’t much younger that Taylor, she only worried. Then, she was hit in the stomach, making her gasp for air. When she found who it was, it was the black wolf that told her the message. He got off of her for a moment and jumped to another wolf. Taylor shook her head and found a free female wolf. She jumped onto the back of her, biting her flank. She yelped and ran off. Taylor sighed and looked around to see most of the wolves fleeing. Soon, there weren’t any wolves around, “This isn’t the last of us!” they barked, “I’d like to see ya’ try!” Taylor barked back with a snicker before leaving for camp.

Taylor laid down in her den with the rest of the pack. She had, had a long day and she wanted some sleep. She found out that she had a fractured back paw. Winter put it in a splint made of wood bark. Taylor had begged Winter not to do it but Winter did anyway. Taylor’s paw didn’t even hurt. Oh well, she thought, yawning and setting her head on her paws, All I need right now is some sleep. She told herself, settling down for a good night’s rest.

Taylor’s feet were thudding on the hard ground when she stopped. She looked across a crick that she had come up to, to see the black wolf. He seemed just as surprised to see her as she did him, “H-hi,” he whispered. Taylor looked at his blue eyes, “Hi, she replied. Now, the wolf had crossed the crick, “I’ve never got to introduce myself. I’m Zane,” he dipped his head, “Taylor,” she replied, dipping her head in turn, “Why are you here?” she asked. He shrugged, “I don’t know. All I know is that I have to leave camp tomorrow night,” he looked at his paws. Taylor took a step forward, “Me too,” she replied.

Taylor’s eyes flickered open, “What the?” she whispered, looking around, It was only a dream, she huffed to herself as she got up. When she walked out, she found that it was very chilly out. The wind whipped at her face. She lifted up her back leg and started walking on. Then, Winter came up to her, “How’s the leg?” she asked, “Fine,” Taylor replied, laying down with a huff for Winter to inspect it, “I really don’t need this!” Taylor grumbled under her breath, “No, if you don’t have this on it, it won’t ever get better,” Winter said firmly. Taylor growled when Winter was finished. Taylor started walking out of the camp, “Where are you going?” it was Victor. One of the meanest wolves, “Out for a walk,” Taylor replied, pushing him aside. He growled and jumped on her tail which made Taylor yelp, “Stop it, Victor! Why do you hate me so much?” she asked, breaking her tail free, “Because you’re easy to mess with,” he growled. Taylor rolled her eyes, and walked on, “I’m not a pup anymore, Victor,” she growled. Victor jumped in front of Taylor, “What was that?” he asked. Taylor growled and jumped onto him, pinning him to the ground, “Don’t mess with me,” she whispered in his ear before stalking off.

Soon, Taylor came to the crick where she had seen Zane. She looked around, her ears perked up, listening for any paw steps. Soon, she heard some. She looked forward, straining her eyes but it was only a deer. It jumped over the crick and Taylor crouched down. When the buck got close she pounced and killed it swiftly. She thought about taking it back to camp but stopped when she heard real paw steps. She turned around to see Zane, “Hey,” he said. Taylor dropped the buck, “I had a dream about you yesterday,” she told him, “Yeah, I know, I was there,” he said. Taylor closed her eyes, “Yeah, I guess you were… Sorry, I’m still a little drowsy,” she said, looking across the crick at his blue eyes. He had beautiful blue eyes. They were brighter than ice on the lake. Then, Taylor shook her head, Don’t fall in love. You’re not falling in love with an enemy wolf. You’re not falling in love with an enemy wolf. You’re not falling in love with an enemy wolf. she told herself, “Everything ok?” he asked. Taylor opened her eyes, “Yeah, everything in great! Perfect even!” she said, walking right up to the crick, “So, you have to leave tonight, huh?” she asked. He nodded, “And you do too, huh?” he asked. Taylor nodded, “What for?” he asked, “I usually just get blue in places like on my back, my paws,” she sighed and waited for him to say why he had to go, “Really? I only get white on my throat,” he barked. Taylor nodded, “If you have to go, and I have to go, should we meet here? I mean, it’s something other than sleeping in the cold forest all night,” she told him. He blinked, “I’d like that,” and with that, he walked away.

Taylor couldn’t believe that she was going to see Zane once again. She didn’t know the feeling that she was feeling. Personally, she really didn’t care though, she was only happy. When she ran into Winter with the deer still hanging from her jaws, she stopped her, “You have to leave tonight, take that with,” she nodded toward the buck. “Yes,” she dipped her head and set the buck on the ground, “You only have a couple more minutes before the sun sets. Say your goodbye’s, Taylor. We’ll see you tomorrow,” Winter told Taylor. Taylor nodded and said her goodbye’s to her parents and everyone else in the camp.

When she left, Winter licked her ear, “Bye,” she whispered and Taylor bounded off. Soon, Taylor got to the crick where Zane had informed her to be. She sat down and started eating while the last of the sun’s rays disappeared. Now, Taylor had blue on her tail, paws, hip, head, and muzzle. When she finished her share of the buck, she heard paw steps. She looked across the crick to see a black wolf with white under his muzzle and on his neck. After a second, Taylor realized that it was Zane. His blue eyes rested on her. He was beautiful. Handsome even. Taylor jumped up and gestured him over with a flick of her tail. Zane gratefully jumped over the crick like it was only a stream.

When he joined her, he laid down beside her, looking up at the stars, “I didn’t think you’d come,” he mumbled. Taylor barked a laugh, “Oh, I don’t lie!” she barked a laugh once again and Zane got up and sat beside her again, “Is that for me?” he asked. Taylor nodded, “Yes, I ate some but I left the rest for you… I hope it’s enough,” she sighed with relief when he nodded and started eating.

Once he was finished, he licked his lips and sat up, admiring Taylor’s eyes. Through Taylor’s eyes, the moment was perfect. Then, she shook her head, “No,” she whispered, “What?” Zane asked, “No!” she barked, “We can’t fall in love! We can’t! You’re from a rival pack! We can’t!” she barked, “What?” he asked again, “Why can’t we? I mean, it could be forbidden… I don’t know, please, don’t make this harder than it should be! Please,” he looked into her eyes again. Taylor looked at the grass, “I’m sorry,” she started, “I’m…. I’ve just never been in love and… what if we get caught? I can’t be banned from my pack!” she almost howled, “Shh!” Zane growled, “It’s ok. It’s new for me too. I’ve never been loved. I don’t even know where my parent are,” he laid down, his ears drawn back. Taylor assumed that he was thinking about his parent.

Taylor then laid beside him, “But, I’m willing to try this. As long as know one knows about it, I think we’ll be safe,” Taylor looked at him, hope in her eyes, “Alright,” he announced and they both laid there, their tails intertwined.











Chapter 2:

What to do now?




The next day, they both went back to their camps. They were both back to normal but, they both missed each other terribly. Especially Taylor. So, they had promised to sneak out every night to see each other. It was risky, but, they would do it for love.

“So, what did you do last night?” Winter asked happily looking at Taylor’s leg, “Fine. It was…. Very…. Boring. No one out there to talk to is really boring, you know?” Taylor asked. Winter nodding, taking off the split, “Yeah. I hate being alone. That’s why I bring you everywhere I have to go alone,” Winter said. Taylor yawned, “So, I don’t need that silly thing on anymore?” Taylor asked. Winter shook her head, “Nope! It’s all healed!” Taylor jumped up, “Yippee!” she barked hopping all around. Winter sighed, “Glad your paw is better?” she asked. Taylor nodded, “Indeed!” Taylor wiggled her back leg, “I’m going hunting!” Taylor yipped as she ran out.

First, Taylor lifted her nose for a scent. First, she scented a raccoon then, she scented a bear. Taylor looked around for the huge beast. When she saw it, she ran back in and got the best hunters and they ran up for the kill.

The bear didn’t give much of a fight. It swatted once or twice but really never tried to stay alive. Soon, the bear was down and dead, “Take it back to camp!” Taylor ordered. Victor was among the wolves that took the bear down, “Don’t order me!” he growled, “Would you like my father to know that you wouldn’t take order’s from his daughter?” Taylor growled. Victor shuffled his paws and then walked off. Taylor lifted her head and she scented for the raccoon. When she found it, she pounced and killed it with a swift bite to the neck. Then, she hid it in a crevice inside of a tree. And she went and killed a couple more deer.

When she came back, she kept the raccoon that she caught and ate it. It was almost night time. So, she ate and went to sleep. When she awoke, it was nearly midnight. She crept out of her sleeping place and ran towards the way to the crick. When she got there, she looked franticly for Zane. When she turned around, he was there behind her, “I thought you wouldn’t come,” he whispered, “I almost fell asleep,” she told him, “Ah! So, we have lovers her, now don’t we?” came a voice that Taylor new too well. Victors.

Then, Zane stepped in front of Taylor, growling, “Victor! Leave! Why did you follow me?” Taylor growled. Victor then showed himself. His dark eyes shining with happiness, “I heard someone leave,” he barked simply. Taylor only barked a laugh, “Sure! And I’m a human!” she growled. Victor took a step forward. Zane growled harder, “No need to thank me, Taylor. If you never see this wolf again, I won’t tell your father,” he stretched, yawning, “Why would you tell my father! He wouldn’t believe you! He never has!” Taylor stepped forward, ready to jump at Victor any second.

Victor then jumped onto Taylor. Taylor was pinned. Then, Zane jumped onto Victor’s back, rolling him off of Taylor. Taylor jumped to help Zane. She bit Victor’s tail, then flank. He whimpered. Now, Zane had Victor pinned. Growling, Zane said, “Never, ever, do I want to see your face around her again!” he growled. Victor nodded in agreement, “And I you!” he said and Victor got out of Zane’s clutches and ran off.

Taylor looked up at Zane, “What do we do now? What if he tells my father?” Taylor asked. Zane licked Taylor’s cheek, “It’ll be alright,” he assured her, “It’s going to be alright,” it almost sounded like he was trying to convince himself too. Taylor sighed, “If you say so,” she licked his ear and ran off, “Bye,” Zane whispered, jumping the crick.

When Zane got back to his camp, he was pushed, “Black Dragon want’s you,” a female wolf, Bargain, whispered. Zane took a deep breath and went to Black Dragon’s den, “Sir?” he asked as he stepped in, “Ah, Zane. You’ve been out a lot, haven’t you?” Black Dragon turned around with no other than Victor beside him, “I’ve heard that you have a forbidden love on your hands, hmm?” he asked. Zane looked at Victor, then at Black Dragon again, “Why would you believe such a thing? He’s from a rival pack! He’s trying to rip us apart,” Zane growled the last part. Then, Black Dragon thought for a moment, “I believe you’re correct, Zane,” Black Dragon looked at Victor with hatred in his eyes and, right before Zane, killed Victory. Zane nodded his way out.

When he was out, everyone looked at him like he was dead but, Black Dragon came out after him and leapt up, onto an overhang, “Wolves!” he yelled, “Do not hate Zane! If I see as so much as a growl at him, I will kill you,” Black Dragon savored the kill word. Then, there were howls of protest. But, they all quieted down when Black Dragon caught their eye.

Soon, the crowed had left and Zane was sitting alone with a female behind him. She was black like him, “Hello,” she whispered. Zane sighed, “What do you want, Night?” he asked. Night only shook her head, “You,” she whispered. Zane jumped back and ran out of the camp with Night barking his name. Zane shuddered and laid down where he stopped.

When he caught his breath, he started walking forward to the lake. When he arrived, he looked in the water to see his reflection. He was charming. His eyes where. Zane shuddered again and slapped the water and stalked off.

Why am I doing this? My pack already hates me! Too bad it’s for love. Zane thought. He didn’t know what to do. His pack already hated him. He didn’t want to make it any worse but it wasn’t his fault he fell in love. He sighed. He wasn’t paying any attention to where he was going and he almost fell off of a sheer cliff. He looked down, glad that he hadn’t fallen. He shook his head and turned around, towards the lake.

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Zane arrived at the lake before the sun had set totally. It was a half moon. There where specks of clouds here and there. The sun made a pinkish purple color. Soon, it would be gone.

Zane lifted his ears to listen for Taylor. He was afraid that she wouldn’t show because of Victor. Victor won’t be a problem any more. Zane laid down, happily. He laid his head down on his paws and kept his ears pricked for any sound that might be from Taylor. He closed his heavy eye lids, trying to stay awake but it didn’t work. Within minutes, he was asleep.

When he awoke, Taylor was prodding him with her forepaw, “Wake up!” she growled. He looked up. It was nearly midnight, once again, “Gosh! You’ll never wake up!” Taylor shook her head, “I was half way afraid that you had died,” Taylor admitted, “How dare you think such a thing!” Zane half barked half growled. Taylor closed her eyes, looking at his paws, “I’m sorry… I worry about you… And Victor,” she made herself say the name. It hurt Zane to watch her, “He won’t be a problem any more. He’s dead,” Zane sighed, looking at Taylor’s glum face brighten, “You didn’t kill him, did you?” Taylor asked, “Well… I didn’t. My leader, Black Dragon did. He told Black Dragon about us but I talked Black Dragon out of it,” Zane looked at Taylor. Her face was even more glummer, “Why are you still sad? He’s gone,” Zane told her. She looked up, her dark eyes cried tears, “He was my brother! He wouldn’t tell dad! Ever!” Taylor gasped for air, “Taylor, I had no idea… Please… forgive me,” Zane pleaded. Taylor looked up, her ears drawn back, “It’s not your fault,” she sobbed.

Zane looked at Taylor. He wanted to comfort her. For her to feel safe. He hated himself. He hated seeing Taylor liked this. He wanted the feeling to flee and never come back.

Zane licked Taylor’s muzzle, “This’ll work out. Trust me,” he whispered into Taylor’s ear. Taylor looked up at him, her eyes gleaming, “I promised. I’m going to keep you safe. It kills me to see you so sad,” Zane told her. Taylor sighed, “I hate seeing you so sad too,” Taylor licked his muzzle. Now, they laid beside each other, telling stories of happy times. Taylor was the one mostly speaking. They also spoke of funny times. Nothing sad or even mean intruded them this time.

Soon, the talking died down to nothing. They then fell asleep, side by side, happily. They hated leaving, so, they would stay until day break. No one really knew of the crick any way. At least that’s what they thought.

The next day, they awoke to the sun and other wolves from Taylor’s pack. Taylor looked up at them. She poked Zane awake. When he figured what the heck was going on, he shut up, “Ah, what do we have here Taylor?” it was a female wolf named Snowstorm. Taylor’s sister, “Nothing, Snow, nothing,” Taylor got up and herded them away. Taylor only looked back before walking forward again.

When Zane was out of sight, Taylor spun Snowstorm around, “What the heck do you think your doing?!” Taylor growled, “Nothing! I only went out to look for you when I stumbled over to you! That’s when I found you with the…. The scapegoat,” the word flung out of Snowstorm’s mouth like a whip, “How dare you!” Taylor jumped onto Snowstorm’s tail. Snowstorm got out of the way and growled and jumped forward, Snowstorm’s mouth meeting Taylor’s scruff. Taylor then jumped forward, landing on Snowstorm’s stomach. Taylor had pinned her sister, “If you tell dad or even mom about this, I’ll kill you and know one will know!” Taylor growled, getting off of her sister and stalking forward into the camp.

When she got in, she saw her mother bound forward to her, “Oh, Taylor! Where have you been?” Midnight asked, “I went out hunting in the middle of night because I couldn’t sleep. I came back empty handed and I couldn’t find the scent home so, I stayed the night and waited for daylight,” Taylor lied. She was very good at lying, “Wasn’t it lonesome?” Midnight asked. Taylor shook her head, “Nope,” she hadn’t lied at that, “Oh, well, I’m just glad you’re home!” Midnight exclaimed, licking her daughter’s matted fur, “Mom!” Taylor took a step back, “I’m not a pup anymore,” Taylor told her. Midnight nodded, “I know.. I’m not as young as I use to be… I’m sorry… I really missed you, Taylor! I missed you like I miss the sun in winter and the snow in summer!” Midnight almost yelped, “Mom, calm down. I’m alright, really! I’m fine. You need to calm down,” Taylor looked at her mother. Midnight closed her eyes, sucking in a breath before nodding, “I know. I need to calm down… I’ll be in the den if you need me… I love you,” Midnight licked Taylor’s head and walked off.

“So, you lied to mom?” it was Snowstorm, “If she knew, she would kill me and dad would exile me from the pack,” Taylor looked at her sisters white fur. It had specks of dark, here and there but that was from mud, “I wonder if she would ever know,” Snowstorm scraped her claws on the stone ground, “Like I said, If you tell her, I’m killing you,” Taylor told her sister. Snowstorm only growled and walked out of camp. Taylor looked at her brother, Moon. He was a dusty brown wolf, “You really love him, don’t you?” he asked. Taylor nodded, “Yes,” she added, looking into his white eye. It was white because he has no sight in it, “I’ll keep an eye on Snowstorm. I’ll make sure she doesn’t tell mom…” he told her, stretching after he got up, “Thanks Moon. You’re a true brother,” she licked his ear and he walked off.

That night, Moon had asked to come with to meet Zane. Taylor hadn’t thought much about it and she agreed. When he arrived, Zane had started growling, “Zane, it’s ok. He’s my brother. He’s the nicest wolf you’ll probably meet in your whole life,” Taylor assured him, “I’m Moon,” Moon introduced himself with a dip of the head, “Zane,” Taylor looked at them, her eyes moving back and forth between them. Then, Moon started to leave, “Bye Moon!” Taylor barked but Moon stopped, “Aren’t you coming with, Taylor?” he asked. Taylor shook her head, “I come out every night to see Zane. I’m not about to stop now,” right then, Black Dragon and Silent Moon came out from the bushes, “I’m sorry,” Moon apologized, “You did this Moon?!” Taylor asked, shocked. He nodded his head, “I new he was bad!” Zane muttered. Taylor looked at Zane, “I’m so sorry,” she whispered, “I didn’t think it would get this bad,” she added, “No, I promised everything would be alright. I lied,” Zane told Taylor.

Now, Zane stood in front of Taylor, guarding her. He would die for her safety. Of course he would, he was in love. Silent Moon and Black Dragon where growling, “How could you do this, Taylor?” Silent Moon growled, “I’m in love!” Taylor growled back, “Love. You can't use it in the past tense. Territories does not stop that love at all!” she growled, “Territory’s don’t mean anything to me now! Nothing!” she growled. She looked at Zane, “Love is more important,” she whispered it so softly that Zane hardly heard her.

“Stop this nonsense!” Silent Moon howled. Taylor looked at Zane, “Go,” he nodded and he jumped the crick back over to Black Dragon. Taylor walked over to her father, “For now, I will not punish you,” he said. For now. Taylor thought For now.

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The next night, Taylor already missed Zane. Winter had noticed and asked what happened but Taylor only acted as if she didn’t hear anything. Taylor hadn’t talked or eaten all day. Winter knew that she was depressed. All that Taylor would do was walk around camp, staring into nothingness. It hurt Winter to see her best friend like that. Now, you could see her ribs. Her head was always low. Her paws always dragging. And her fur always tangled and matted. Everyone had begun to notice. Even Silent Moon who had been avoiding her ever sense then.

One night, Midnight walked over to Taylor, “Taylor, you must stop acting like this. Why must you?” Midnight asked. Taylor only looked the other way at the setting sun. It was a full moon tonight. That’s when Winter walked up to her, “You’ve got to’ go,” Winter said. Taylor looked up, nodded and walked out of camp, her eyes fixed on nothing.




Chapter 3:

Faded Love



When Taylor got to the crick, she hadn’t noticed that she was heading that way. That was when she ran into a black shape. When Taylor looked up, she noticed the white throat. It was Zane! Taylor’s eyes brightened. As did Zane’s. When she looked in his eyes, he started saying something but stopped, “I’ve missed you too,” Taylor looked at him, tear drops falling from her eyes, “I’ve missed you too,” Zane replied looking at her.

Then, out came Winter. Taylor growled, “Why’d you follow me?!” she barked, “I… I came to make sure that you were ok!” Winter said, “I don’t believe you,” Taylor growled. Zane stood, looking at the two friends fight. He felt as if this was his fault, “Why wouldn’t you? You’re my best friend!” Winter looked at Taylor, then at Zane, “Is this him?” she finally asked. Taylor nodded. Winter walked up to him, blinking her bright green eyes, “So you’re the famous Zane I’ve been hearing about?” Winter looked at his black fur as he nodded, “Yes. You must be Winter then,” he looked at Taylor who nodded, with her neck fur bristling, “You might want to leave,” he told Winter, “Why?” Winter asked, “Because Taylor doesn’t trust anyone except me. I can see it in her eyes,” Zane whispered. Winter nodded, “She’s kept to herself. I’ll go,” Winter nodded understanding as she walked away.

“How can you trust her?!” Taylor barked, “Why not?” Zane asked, laying down, “She… She could have brought the leaders again!” Taylor protested, “Taylor! You’re getting paranoid! Look at me! Nothing’s going to get us here. Nothing,” Taylor looked into his eyes of ice and it calmed her down, “I’ve just been so alone lately… I’ve felt like I’m in another pack ever sense they found out… I’m sorry!” she whispered, rubbing her flank against his. After they, they laid beside each other, their body’s touching each other, seeking comfort.

The next morning, Taylor found herself in the cave. She stretched and noticed that she was where she had been the day she met Zane. She thought it was odd but she started out of the camp.

When she got to the lake, she saw Zane as he had been the first time she met him. She walked up to him, Was it all a dream? she thought. When she got to him, he looked up with a wolfish smile and tackled her into the water. Taylor jumped up, gasping for air, “Was it all a dream?” Taylor asked. Zane nodded, “But it doesn’t have to be,” he said, tackling her once again.

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“Except ourselves, we have no other prayer . . .”

by the other guy Quill-orange

    (quote from Vassar Miller)

My god, harsh image of my daughter,

Stands in metal braces.  They can’t walk there,

With legs as lame as water,

Stiff as stone.  In a wheelchair


My god, my daughter, sit slow as night,

One good hand tugging at the wheel’s cage.

These things they do, they incite

A testament to the rage


That in one distant moment’s strife

Brought forth a half-dead girl

In that rough act, that death in life

We call creation.  I know the world


Of my god’s rough handiwork,

In the half-made being she embraces

To repel the awful sympathy that lurks

In witnesses’ unseeing faces.


Here my daughter almost awaits with joy

The passing evenings of her days.

She knows her god, my god’s affirming

The creation that a lifetime must destroy,

And each day she knows by heart what they must say:

Tonight there will be no second coming. 


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No Need to Fret

by Tiffany "Kysis" Tackett

The songs we hear
We hum along
Do we know the words?
Do we really care?
It’s just a catchy tune
No need to fret

Movies and shows
The tvs are always on
Glaring bright colors
Even darker themes
Who cares what’s happening?
Just a pretty set
With some pretty people
It’s just fluff and gore
No need to fret

Scandal on the news
We click away from the war
Watch a show about the stars
This marriage, that breakup
More important than death
Look, their clothes don’t match
A hair is out of place
They live on the camera
It’s just made up anyway
No need to fret

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Images at the Close of a Day

by Roben Quill-orange

It is a nearly cloudless day. Like a scribe, a jet passenger plane’s wake draws a single line barely above the horizon. Below that line the sun has set. Above it, the few wisps of cloud lying low in the waning sky take on such a hue of rose as makes the poet write his poem, while in another place a lover grasps her mate, bringing two souls as close as they can be.

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by Joshua Design Quill-yellow

There once was a city that stood strong and tall

Proud as it was, it believed in justice for all

But distraught were its citizens for there was a plague

A curse, if you will, that none dared name.


An evil griffen lived just outside the land.

Feasting each day upon on man

Until he could find someone to answer the riddle

Impossible it was, killed many heroes


The question was this:

“Poor people have it and rich people want it,

Greater than God but more evil than Satan.”


None could kill this demon from hell,

King of the animals and Lord of the birds,

Would not stop until one answered his tell

This beast had bested all strength with words

The only way to end his reign

Was to answer the question that drove scribes insane.


From across the great sea a man had heard

Of the suffering that was caused by one half lion one half bird.

Beowulf had been restless since his battle with a demon

No one dared challenge him after that victorious evening

It is said that Wyrd was with him and favored him so

And he laughed at the thought of such a weak sounding foe.


He made haste this voyage with five men he brought

Close friends, brothers; many battles they had fought

They only came for entertainment for they knew he would win

The great battle against a griffen.


After they ported in the far yonder land

They thanked the gods for guiding their hands.

But the true challenge lied ahead that no man could face

More than just strength, Beowulf needed fate.


King Hygelac’s thane rested in an inn

What woke his slumber was the sound of a griffen.

With a thunderous roar and a mighty crash

It burst through the wall and then began the clash.

With his lighting reflexes the hero’s sword met talon

But speed and grace was with the falcon.

He flung the sword with a flick of his claw

Beowulf struck unconscious against the wall

But before the beast would have his prey

A great sacrifice was made that day.

One of the Jutes declared, before the deadly pounce struck,

“Tell me your riddle that has defeated all luck!

I will give answer and if I am wrong

May my weak flesh be like butter to your claw!”

With haste the lion grabbed the man and took flight

Off to his dwelling in the dead of night.


When Beowulf awoke only four men surrounded him

They had missed the battle for they were courting women

Beowulf believed in rest before a killing

And the man that had sacrificed had stayed with him willingly.


When the grief in his breast turned sour

He swore to avenge by the 12th hour

They asked townsfolk where the griffen did stay

And a child pointed the path to the wicked cave.


The Jutes set on their journey, a monster they’d slay

But as they approached, out came the beast from the cave.

Swords brandished they waited for an attack

But then they saw their fellow man upon the beast’s back. 


The griffen landed before them and the man did dismount

“My name is G’thar and I have solved the riddle!” he announced

“’Nothing’ is the answer to the question posed by this beast.

Tonight in celebration we will feast!”


“There will be no feast for tonight, this monstrosity must be destroyed!”

Cried Beowulf, angered and annoyed

“No you are wrong brother; this animal has caused no harm

He has done no killing, only placed men under charm.

They were brought up to this summit and asked the simple question

Until one got it right all were held in his possession.”


At the end of this thought the Griffin let out a screech

It broke the spell and all captive men woke from their sleep

Beowulf was proud but to the new hero he bowed

G’thar the intelligent deserved a crown

For saving a village with bravery and words

Instead of brute strength, some say he had Wyrd.

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by Joshua Design Quill-yellow

Her eyes shine like diamonds;/ Her hair a golden silk./ Her voice like chimes and/ Her smile a reason to kill./ But all that is on the inside, for I have never seen my beauty fair./ The one I'd walk the world wide./ That takes the very air/ From my lungs when she speaks./ Whose lips barely brush against mine;/ Slightly parted on my cheek./ The one I call beautiful, gorgeous, fine./ Yet she is so modest- I love her./ And I can call her mine./ But distance must our hearts endure./ If what's on the inside reflects on the out,/ Then my baby is perfect, there's just no doubt.

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Diary of a Sixth Grader

by judylady2000 Quill-orange






















Dear Diary, Oct. 13, 2020


Today is horrible! I mind as well tell you at the beginning. Oh, by the way, if you are looking for a happy ending, this isn’t something you should be reading!

I was reading my book at school, Once upon a time, and I heard some sounds… It sounded like helicopters but millions! Everyone went to the window, even the teacher, to figure out what the heck was going on, and, you guessed it, millions of helicopters! Everywhere! I bet if you had been in space and looked down, it probably looked like we had been over run with flies! But, this scared me and the rest of the class! This defiantly wasn’t something to joke about. An alarm rang in the school, no alarm like I had ever heard and our teacher, Ms. Gilbert, yelled, “Go into your houses! Don’t come out! Run! Run!” she yelled. Everyone in my class screamed and ran into the halls. I looked for my best friend, Margaret but we always called her Meggie. When I found her, I grabbed her by the hand, “Come on, my house is closer than yours! Come on!” I yelled and I pulled her out of the school, towards my house. When we got to my house, we ran in and locked the door behind us. We were breathing hard. My heart felt like it was going to pop right out of my chest, but, it didn’t. Then, I noticed that my mom wasn’t in the house. I figured that but it scared me, “Meggie,” I asked her, shaking like crazy, “what about my mom?” I asked her. She was laying on the floor, not daring to look outside, “I-I-I don’t know… What about my mom t-t-too?” she asked, “Maybe we should call them,” I asked hopefully, she nodded and we ran for our phones. We dialed quickly but, we never got to them. The person thing on the phone said this, “We are very sorry but we have taken over the U.S.A. You are no longer to speak from phones but by mail. Gracias!” the person who said it was female and Mexican… or Spanish… I didn’t know, I just wanted to get to my mom. I started for the door but Meggie stopped me, “What are you thinking? You can’t go out there! Spain has taken over!” Meggie looked down, I noticed that she was crying. I too was crying, “They’ll come! We just have to write a letter,” I sobbed through the tears. Right then, a hard pounding came on the door, “Open up!” it yelled with a heavy Spanish accent. I ran to the door and unlocked it to meet a Spanish man, “Yes?” I asked shakily, “Who lives here?” he asked. I didn’t answer, too shocked to answer, “Names woman, names!” he yelled. I shook my head, “Yes sir,” I thought for a moment, “My mother lives here. As does my father. I live here too,” I told him, “I want names!” he yelled. I covered my ears, “Yes sir. My mother’s name is Jade Eve, my father’s being Augusto Eve. Mine is Rosa Eve,” I told him, “Who is that?” he asked. He pointed his gun at her, “That’s my friend, Margaret Talasko,” I told the man, “Why is she here?” he asked. I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath, “She came over when… your men’s helicopters covered the sky. I live closer so-” he cut me off, “What’s your family’s names and were do you live!” he yelled. I looked at Margaret, “I live at 563 South Gate lane. My mother’s name is Janice Talasko, my father’s name is Harrison Talasko, my two older brother’s names are Ben and Xavior Talasko. My older sister’s name is Autumn Talasko,” Meggie stood up straight and tall, “Very well,” he grunted, “I will be back,” he yelled and he walked away. I shut the door and locked it, “I want mom,” I looked at Meggie, ran up to her and hugged her, “Me too Rosa, me too!” Meggie hugged back. Now it’s late… Really late, Bye!

Love, Rosa Eve.

Dear Diary, Oct. 14, 2020


Diary, today is even worse! The man at the door yesterday came again with terrifying news. All of the police men and women were to be shot today. As were the fire fighters and the mayor himself! Why do you ask that this is bad? My mother is a police officer! Meggie’s mother is a fire fighter. The man had then tied us together and led us to the town hall. All of the fire fighters and the police were lined up, facing us. I saw mom. I ran up to her and hugged her, Meggie trailing behind, “Mom, I don’t want you to die! Please! Please!” I yelled, my face tear stricken, but, to my surprise, she was smiling, “Don’t cry. Just be safe. I’ll visit you in your dreams when I’m an angle. I promise… I’ll tell you how to get through. I promise. I love you, but, you must go,” she pushed me away lightly as the man pulled us back, “Mom!” I screamed. “Mom! Mom!” Meggie was screaming for her mother too but they seemed not to hear us, “Don’t do this to them!” I pleaded, “Don’t do this!” I screamed. As I looked up, there was the sound of shots being taken. The screams and cries from the crowed. As I looked up, I saw my mother die. She was smiling, but she was dead. I screamed and cried. The man took us back to my house. We were surprised to see Meggie’s brothers and sister. Meggie smiled and hugged them, as did I, “Is she?” Autumn asked. Meggie and I nodded. They all started crying, “I tried to stop the men! I really did!” I told them but it was no use. Why did stupid Spain have to take over the U.S. They could’ve taken over Russia or something. As long as it wasn’t us… I dare not tell more. I’m sorry… I’ll tell you about tomorrow… What ever sorrow it brings…

Love, Rosa Eve

Dear Diary Oct. 15, 2020

I’m scared today! Today, it was just like a normal day. But, the light’s went out and we can’t use any electronics! I half way think I’m loosing my mind! Meggie is really the only one who’s keeping me sane… Her and this diary. Also, today they took away all of our clocks and calendars! I don’t know why. Perhaps they don’t want us to know what time it is and what day? Oh well, I’m glad I have this book if I didn’t, I would loose my mind! Also, today I found out that the man’s name is Fernando Rodriguez. He told us that our new ‘mayor’ is Juan Ricardo. Tomorrow we have to go to school because our teachers have something to tell us… I’m afraid that it’s going to be bad news… Hopefully it’ll be our normal teachers rather than the Spanish men. Oh, and get this, we have to wear a uniform to school or when ever we have to go there for a ‘special announcement’ I don’t even want to think what that is. He also said that on Halloween, we may dress up but we have to go to the town square for something. I don’t really know if I want to go but, I guess we kinda have to. He also asked if I were Christian, which I am and I had to come with him. I had to get a tattoo! It’s on my left arm, under my wrist. They are just numbers though. My numbers are 5589076. They asked Meggie’s religion, she’s a Jew and they didn’t take her away. I have a really bad feeling about this. I’ve been scrubbing my numbers ever sense the man left but I guess you really do have to get it surgically removed… At least I think that’s what it is… Now, I’m guessing that it’s around 9:00Bye! Love, Rosa Eve

Dear Diary, Oct. 16, 2020

Terrifying news! I went to school today and these are the exact words of what Ms. Gilbert told us today:

“Welcome back to school today kids, but, this will be your last day coming here. The school will be knocked down and used for our mayors castle. Women, you are not to leave your house unless you are pretty much the only one there. Men, you go get the groceries and other needs for survival. Women, you will make your clothes from now on. You do not make shoes. The men or women of the house will get those needs from you. Christians, stand up if you are one,” I and a couple other people stood up, “Yesterday, the Spanish guards took you to get a tattoo, correct?” we all nodded, “Do not go with them any more! If he comes, don’t get the door if you are alone. If you have someone over, have them get the door and have them tell the guard that you have killed yourself. He will probably look at you, to make sure that you are dead. To do that, take one of these pills, put fake blood all around you and on you. It will make him believe that you are dead. If you do answer the door again, you all will be taken to a Concentration camp. If you don’t know how to sew, just try. That’s all today. I bid you all a farewell and good luck!” she smiled a sad smile and she left. I looked at Meggie, “Now what?” I had asked. She shrugged. I got up and then I walked to Jay. She too was a Christian, “Hey Jay,” she looked up at me, “My number is 1309887 what’s yours?” she asked. I looked at my under wrist, “5589076,” I told her. She smiled, “Good luck,” she said as she got up and she left. I walked back to Meggie, “Ready to go?” I asked. She nodded. She got up and we started for the door to out of the school. Outside our guard came to us, “Ready?” he asked, his gruff accent scared me a bit but, I nodded. He tied our hands and he pushed us into a car. I bit my lip, stopping myself from punching him. I just looked forward as he hand cuffed us to a bar in the car. He then got into the front and started going. I thought about a movie called Salt. It was a very old movie… From when Ms. Gilbert was a kid. I had watched it once. I thought that maybe I could get a tazer and taze him but I didn’t do it… I would die defiantly. Soon, we got to my house. He pushed us out after he unhand cuffed us, “Go inside!” he ordered, “I’ll be back for you, Rosa,” he rolled his tongue extra long on my name. I just glared and walked inside, “Great! Were are we going to get a bag of blood and those pills?” I asked. Then I remembered that I had taken a couple and she had put a lot of bags of fake blood in our back packs. I smiled, “Never mind,” I said. After that, we cooked dinner and gave it to Meggie’s brother’s and sister, “Delicious!” they commented, “Thank you,” I smiled, taking another scoop full of macaroni, “It’s nothing special,” I added, “It’s better than nothing,” Xavior said. Meggie glared at him, “Well, one of you need to go and get groceries,” Meggie told them, “Why us?” he asked, “Because you’re the men of the house. Women can’t leave! And get this, we have to make our clothes!” I told him. He huffed, “Xavior, why can’t you at least act your age?” Ben asked. Ben was twenty-six years old. Xavior was sixteen, Autumn was fourteen, Meggie was eleven and I was eleven. After that, we played go fish then, we went outside in our back yard and drank some rootbeer. MMM. I love rootbeer. After that, we got ready for bed and we played Clue, it’s an old board game. We had lot’s of fun! Well, now it’s gotta’ be midnight or eleven O’clock. So, goodnight! Love, Rosa Eve.

Dear Diary, Oct.17, 2020


There wasn’t much going on today except that there were so many gun shots in the night that I couldn’t keep track. I’ll write tomorrow. Bye.


Rosa Eve.

Dear Diary, Oct. 17, 2020


Today, the guard came to my door. I took the pill and put the blood on my body. I grabbed a fake gun and shot it. Meggie put the blood on me. She washed her hands afterward and then she got the door, “Y-y-yes?” she asked, a couple tears falling from her eyes, “Rosa, where is Rosa?” he asked, “Follow me,” Meggie took the man to me. He grunted. He checked for a heart beat. Nothing. He looked at the blood, and tasted it! I mean he touched it then stuck his finger in his mouth. I almost blew my cover when he did that, luckily, I didn’t. He grunted again and tore up a piece of paper. He glared at Meggie, “What did she do to herself?” he asked, “She murdered herself. She was sick of the world and how it is and killed herself,” he looked at Meggie, then at me and his stare softened a bit, “Do you need to hide somewhere?” he finally asked. Meggie looked at him, “What?” she asked, “What do you mean?” she looked quizzically at him, “I’m really not a guard. I’m Rosa’s uncle. I would’ve hidden her today but she killed herself,” at that time, I moved, “Wait, what?” I asked, getting up, “Uncle Fernando?” I asked, looking at him. He looked almost like my uncle Fernando but a bit different. But, he nodded. I smiled and hugged him, “Uncle Fernando! What are you doing here?” I asked. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I’m Spanish, “Our king sent us here to take over. When he sent me to your house, I couldn’t blow my cover outside! I wouldn’t hurt you ever. When my sister, your mother died, I couldn’t cry. But that night, I did. Then, guess what happened… Well I’d rather show you,” he got up and went to his car. I still sat where I was when he pushed mom into the house! I instantly got up and ran to her comforting hug, “Mom!” I cried tears of joy, “How?” I asked, “How?” she smiled, “The bullet just skinned my side. I acted like I died but that’s not important! When I saw Fernando, I had to fight for life. Knowing that he was your guard, I had hope. Hope!” she smiled and covered her face, “If you’re here? Where’s dad?” I asked. Mom took a deep breath and hugged me, “I’m so sorry. He was taken to a concentration camp. Meggie’s mother is actually dead though,” she added. I hugged mom as hard as I could, “He got taken away at work?” he asked. Mom nodded, “We can adopt Meggie and her family, would you like that?” mom asked. I nodded, “Yes, yes mommy!” I let go and I hugged Meggie, “We’re going to adopt you,” I smiled. Meggie didn’t smile. She just looked forward. I turned around to see a guard with a gun, pointed at Xavior. I froze. Xavior moved and the guard shot at him. I don’t know what came over me but I ran in front of him. The bullet went through my leg but didn’t break it. I’m very weak now. I’m going to sleep. Bye!


Rosa Eve


Dear Diary, Oct. 18, 2020

Today, I have scary news. After Uncle Fernando left, a new guard came. He asked for me personally. He then put me in his truck and I didn’t even get to say bye. I was too scared, “Were are you taking me?” I had asked, “No were in particular,” he said, with a sly smile. Oh, I was also handcuffed to a bar, “What’s your name?” I asked, “Julio Venixon,” he said. I glared, “Where are you taking me?” I yelled it this time, “Oh, lookie here, were here,” he glared at me and took me from the back and chained me, “Welcome to a concentration camp. Enjoy your stay!” he laughed and pushed me to another guard who pushed me onto an elevator. The guard in there then pushed the tenth floor. He pushed me out and right then I met the ‘mayor.’ He was small and fat. He had black hair and gleaming green eyes. When he smiled, he had one gold tooth. He had a small nose and wore a monkey suit, “Ah,” he said then he started speaking in Spanish. Although I was Spanish also, he spoke to fast so I just looked at him, with my head cocked to the left side, “So you speak English, huh?” he asked. I nodded, “You are dark complected and from my notes I have here, it says that you are Spanish, why don’t you speak it?!” he yelled. His breath stank like a dogs, “You speak to fast,” I told him in a very snotty voice, “Talking back will only have you shot!” he snapped his finger and about twenty guards came out, all armed and their guns were all pointed at me, “Now little girl, you will stay here until it is your turn to be put in the gas chamber, got it?” he hissed. Then, he grabbed my left arm and pushed up my sleeve. He looked at my number, “You are a very lucky one, girl, you will be the last to be killed,” he growled. I sneered and he pushed me backward, “Take her to her room!” he yelled, snapping once again. The man in the elevator pulled me in and went to floor eight. When we got there he pushed me in the room and locked the door. I turned around to see other people. They were like me, they were normal. I new a couple. And one of those were Jay. I smiled, “Hi Jay,” I greeted. It looked like she had been crying, but, she waved. There were two other people that I knew from in the room. One was named Sandra and the other was Poppy. Sandra and Poppy were sisters. There were three other people in the room that I had seen around the neighborhood but I had no idea who they were. So, I sat down beside Jay and I started righting in my diary. I always keep my diary with me at all times. Now, it’s… dark I guess I could say. I’m sleeping on the ground with a couple of blankets. I’m guessing it’s going to be a hard day tomorrow… Wish me luck!


Rosa Eve










Dear Dairy, Oct. 19, 2020

It’s officially been two whole days in the concentration camp and I’m still alive. All night and day there’s screaming. I’m terrified for me and my family. We have three meals a day, all they are, are cheese, bread, and some meat. To drink all we have is dirty water. For warmth at night, we have blankets but they aren’t very warm. Today, I found out that I could make a fire. That’s what I’m righting beside. The nice warm fire. If the guards found out about the fire, we would be shot down immediately. All I have for friends are Jay, Sandra and Poppy. Sandra and Poppy are nine and they always stay in the corner. Jay and I stay in the middle and my other roommates stay on their bed. I don’t know why they get the bed. I asked them once and all I got was a punch in the face and a, “Because we are going to die before you!” and after that the finger. It wasn’t very good. After they punched me, I punched them back of coarse. I gave her a bloody lip and nose. I was pretty proud of my self except that I’m pretty sure that I broke a finger doing that. Now I feel pretty bad. Tonight, I don’t hear as many screams as I did yesterday but it’s only eight. After a while I’m afraid that I’m going to loose it on Jay or Sandra and her sister. I’m always shaking and I’m usually screaming to get out. I think I’ve gone insane. But, I keep wondering if that’s a good think. I keep thinking that if the guards think I’m insane, they won’t kill me but rather take me to an insane asylum. I know that’s not true but it was worth a shot. Sometimes I feel like I’m hearing voices in my head and out. When I go back to see my mom do you think she’ll still love me? I hope so. I really miss her… Her, Uncle Fernando, Meggie, Autumn, Xavior and Ben, and Meggie… Defiantly Meggie. I found a rock today and I started, or tried, to dig myself out. Every time that a guard isn’t here, I’m going to try to dig out. At least I have a little hope. Jay and everyone else has been praying so hard to Jesus I think that he’s getting overwhelmed up there. I’ll know soon enough though. I’ll probably meet him. Wait Rosa, don’t think that way… Ok, I’m tired and the screaming has started once again… Wish me good luck… Lot’s of luck. Loads of it. Millions and millions of it… Jeez, what’d I tell ya? I’ve lost my mind… I think I forgot it at the house, or in the elevator… I don’t know… I hang my head in shame… Oh what ever, goodnight!


Rosa Eve

Dear Diary, Oct. 20, 2020

Bad news. They took Jay away for her to die! That means that it’s getting closer to my turn. Every time the ding of the elevator dings, I freak out. Even now I’m taking deep breaths. My hole get’s bigger and bigger. I think I’m half way through it. I hope. I don’t want nine-year-olds to die. Not for a good reason, like if they killed forty people, then yeah I wouldn’t really mind if they died but not this way! I keep wondering what my mom and they rest of my family are thinking about now… Every time I close my eyes, I see fire. I don’t know why but it’s terribly scary. Five minutes after Jay left I swore I heard her scream. I keep wondering what’s going to happen to me. I’d rather be killed in fire rather than a gas chamber. Eww… Anyway, We have a window but it has bars on it and I scream through it to mom until I’m hoarse. I lost my voice today from screaming so much. Oh well. It’s getting late and the fire is almost out, night.


Rosa Eve


Dear Diary, Oct. 21, 2020

I’ve been here for four whole days. They haven’t taken Sandra or Poppy yet. Last night they woke me up, they had a bad dream, so I sang them a Spanish lullaby that mom use to sing to me. After that, I had so much energy I woke everyone up at the break of dawn to work on the whole. At breakfast, we had bread, cheese, ham, and dirty water but we kept working at it. I sang Spanish songs while I worked. Now, I swear that we are three quarters into the wall. At lunch, we stopped, beads of sweat falling from our foreheads. We ate lunch, took a nap, and started working again. Now, I can see daylight from it. I believe that we will be finished by tomorrow morning! I’m so excited! I’m so home sick that I’ve almost be throwing up! I’ve been gagging a lot though. And crying. When I’m not working on the wall, I’m in the wall, my knees to my chest balling. I mean, it’s not even funny. When I started, everyone would giggle but now they don’t. They know how serious this is now. So do I. I’m so excited to get home that I think I’m going to work on it right when I’m finished with this diary entry! My gosh I’m so excited that I can’t write any more! Bye!


Rosa Eve

Dear Diary, Oct. 22, 2020

I worked on the wall last night and I’ve almost gotten far enough that I can put my arm out! I’m very excited. When everyone else woke up, we worked on it again. Now, I can put two arms out! We ate our breakfast, worked on it, ate lunch, worked on it, ate dinner and worked on it. Now, we can fit totally out of it!!! I’m so happy! Tonight, we are going to put all of our bed sheets out of the window, tied together and climb down it. We are about to tie them together. Wish me luck!


Rosa Eve



Dear Diary, Oct. 23, 2020

We got out! I’m home right now, I’ll tell you how the night went:

We tied the bed sheets together and tied the top part to a bar in the room. We dropped the bottom to the ground. Luckily, it made it. I went first, then the other girls, then Sandra, and lastly Poppy. We all made it down safely but one of the guards outside saw us. We started running away. They were too slow. I smiled and high fived everyone. When we were out of sight of the guards, we hugged each other goodbye and bided them good luck. When the coast was clear, I started running home. When I got there, a guard saw me and I started pounding on the door, “Let me in!” I screamed. When they did, I hugged mom instantly, “Rosa!” she cried out, “I thought you were gone like your father!” she hugged me and so did everyone else. Meggie looked at me, “My prayers were granted,” she smiled and I hugged her, “I never thought that the Jew God would grant your prayers for a Christian,” I whispered in Meggie’s ear. She giggled, “He cares for everyone,” Meggie whispered back, “I figured,” hugging her harder. Then came the pounding of a guard, “Open up!” he yelled. I new that yell. I opened the door to be greeted by Uncle Fernando, “Uncle Fernando!” I hugged him. He lifted me up on his shoulder like I was a young girl. Or, a younger girl. He smiled, “How did you get out?” he asked, “I dug a hole in the wall,” I told him. He smiled and he let me down, “Thank you,” I said, hugging him once more, “For what?” he asked, “Everything!” a couple tears fell from my eyes, “Oh, well then your welcome,” he hugged me hard, “I’m your guard from now on,” he hugged me even tighter. I looked him in the eyes, “That’s perfect. Oh, I forgot to ask, how’s Aunt Havana?” I asked. He smiled, “Perfect,” he looked at everyone else. Well, that’s it for this diary entry. Can’t wait to hear for the next!


Rosa Eve

Dear Diary, Oct. 24 2020

Guess who showed up at my door today! Ms. Gilbert! She came with her mother, Kristy. Kristy had gray hair and green eyes. She was thin but not as thin as Ms. Gilbert. I found out that her name is Elizabeth Kathleen Gilbert. I told her that I wanted my daughter’s name to be Elizabeth. It was a beautiful name! Now, it felt like life couldn’t get any better! But, the ‘mayor’ knocked on the door. Kristy got the door. He pushed her aside and went straight to me. He put a gun to my head, “You escaped. Today you were supposed to die!” he hissed. His breath still smelt like dog, “Do you ever brush your teeth?” I asked. He glared at me, I glared back then punched him in the gut, “I will kill you!” he gasped out, looking for his gun, “You wouldn’t kill a princess, would you?” I asked. Yes, I’m a princess in Spain. My mom is a queen and so was my dad, “Did you say princess?” he asked, looking confused. I nodded standing up straight and my chin up, “Yes, it is I, Princess Rosa Havana Eve, princess of Spain,” I said all of this in Spanish, “Prove it!” he yelled. I went into my room and grabbed my normal princess dress. I grabbed my gloves and my earrings. I also grabbed my crown. I did my make up and I put my heels on. I walked forward to the ‘mayor.’ He looked star struck, “What’d I tell you?” I asked him in English. He looked at me then he bowed down, “Princess, I’m terribly sorry taking you to a concentration camp,” he said in Spanish, “You will pay for what you have done. You will let all of the Christians go and leave back to Spain,” I said this all in Spanish, “Yes, yes princess. Your wish is my command,” he said in Spanish yet again and walked backwards out. Then, he stopped, he looked at me then at mom and back at me, “You aren’t the princess! The princess declared that we take over the United States!” he yelled. His face went pink with anger, “Well,” I didn’t stand tall any more, “my mom is still the queen!” I yelled. At least that was true, “But she married a peasent rather than the prince of Mexico!” he yelled. Mom glared at him and said a couple cuss words in Spanish then she punched him in the face, “That prince wasn’t anything but stupid. If I would have married him, he would be dead from age!” mom yelled. I had heard that story many times. The prince was fifty and mom was nineteen. The mayor seemed to growl, “He would have made Spain much better!” he whispered, “Father! How dare you say that!” I gasped. I was related to this blob? I couldn’t believe it, “That was a secret,” he hissed. Then, I punched him in the mouth. He lost his golden tooth and four other teeth, “Get out of our house!” I yelled. He huffed and walked out, stomping. When he was out, he snapped. Then, guards grabbed everyone, “What the?” I asked, “Let me go!” I yelled. We all screamed and kicked, “To the gas chambers!” he yelled. I was sick of hearing about the gas chambers. I really didn’t want to go. I’m not there yet but I will be… Great. Good bye. I might not reply tomorrow. This may be my last entry… I hate thinking that… Bye.


Rosa Eve.

Dear Diary, Oct. 14, 2029

I know I haven’t written in here for nine years but I’m still alive and twenty years old. Xavior and Ben died in the gas chambers. Meggie and I work together as teachers, teaching students about what’s not called WW|||. Also known as Muertes principales. It’s Spanish but everyone knows what it is. I was in the middle of it. Mom died a couple years after Ben and Xavior because a guard killed her. Autumn is still alive. Uncle Fernando went back to Spain to Aunt Havana. I’m married to Kenny Montana. Meggie is married to Mason Black. I have one daughter and one son. They are twins and six months old. The girls name is Elizabeth Jade Montana and the boys name is Augusto Xavior Montana. We also call Elizabeth Beth and Lizzy. We call Augusto Gus too. Meggie has one daughter named Monica Janice Black. I have six horses. I still have my tattoo and I sometimes get interviewed on T.V. It can get annoying once and a while but I got use to it. I still own my ‘young years’ house. I sometimes swear that I can hear mom’s voice but I’m still a bit insane from the concentration camp. Oh well. Now that I’m older, I won’t write in here any more. Who ever finds this, I hope you’ve enjoyed my story.


Rosa Eve ‘Montana’

Posted on: October 16 2011


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The Eternal Presence of You

by Delicate Flower Quill-blue

Water slowly pools

in the corners of the window

where a misty dew appears,

sprinkling remembered visions

of unspoken yesteryears.

A spring of rain

falls onto the empty ground

once overflowing with foliage -

now a blank canvas

saturated with the eternal presence of you.

Posted on: September 20 2011


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Left you in the field

by fire Quill-red

The stars tangled when you were born,

now your the victim of every song.

Dark colours you reflect makes a better side of me.

Your eyes are flawless but your soul is cursed,

bitter sweet when your mouth's in a twist.

Will tears fall when you are laid to rest.


Well im glad that you agree,

it brings comfort to a weaker side of me.


You hold all the things you love in the one hand,

who will hold you in theirs.

You burn files hastefully before you read them.

You sat alone in the field were i left you,

words and pictures flying everywere.


I heard your doing okay now ...

well thats out of the way,




Posted on: September 14 2011


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theory's and answers of the living

by fire Quill-red

Blinded i walk on the narrow log,

branches of memories break and fall dissapearing into the winds of the abyss.

Many have fallen without choice,

does this scare me?


Are nightmares memories of past, future, are they warnings from god,

inspiration from satan?

I will stand soldier, i will stand.

For i know the right choice, the choice has been made by a path of ritiousness.

I am a symbol, a instrument.

I am broken but strong and able.

I seek myseriousness, but honesty through love.

I am a complicated design fighting for a simple answer.


Few... find the answers through lives of intellectual mobility.

Does this scare me?


And few set examples but are remembered forever!


Posted on: September 14 2011


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