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she sings in waves

by William Wakefield Quill-purple

She sings to the angels around her

Sad sad song it won't be long

Till the end is faced

It's a heartache and scrupulous

She seems to them in the clouds

We embrace the daylight
pull into the station house

She sings to them they dance around her head

The end is face tomorrow syrup

The end is faced
and tomorrow's here

She sings in waves goodbye
Smiling angel
THey I'll rise together

Dance around her head
Rise to go
And his face tomorrow is just zero

Sings and waves goodbye

They dance and raise above their head
Glowing halos that are linked together
Saturated with the drains into being nice
Saturated with the dreams of being nice

Hey they dance around her head like a halo

She Sings
Seems to be
sleeping angels
Dance around the venue hoping to enforce occurred
Season of a lot, of modular mistakes

It's in the wrong places
It's just around your head
Coming up
Can't remember
Secrets of the south pole
Sings to banjos around her

Posted on: November 20 2014


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by William Wakefield Quill-purple

This made him

Please dream
the guidance

Laserbeam gone

This made until 10
Tell the tale signals

Feel the meaning
in the dream




Stories telling stories

Dismantled entanglements

Yearning for dramatic vengeance

Dismount intelligence

Dismantled intelligence

The stratified decisions

Dismantled engagement

Rejuvenated regurgitator

Nice telltale

Blowing it out and

Taking it in

Posted on: November 20 2014


Not yet rated / 5

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