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Reverse Rapunzel (Rachel stared blankly)‏

by William Wakefield Quill-blue

Reverse Rapunzel
Climbing down the drain
Through the pipes
through the city we lurk

Supporting retro

We collaborate on projects
That take place in faraway places
You're so welcome to be
among the deserters
Laborers who work on treaties
Sing out the differences
Pick up the insulation
How can they write with claws
Installing camera

In Laboratories of the strange
Plus minus plus equals
A place to go

So here we are with
all these weirdos
Surrounded by the strange imaginations
Speaking out wasting time
Hold your breath for the last one

We can'T sympathize
That is why we will not intervene
Don't hold your horses
The Writer called in sick

For betwixt these two
A lilac grew
That bloomed
way farther than possible

You think this is weird
And you probably heard
Something that was
speaking to you
from long ago
If you got that far
Swear you were
Lost on a
broken continent

She's moving in
Hold the phone
She's got a price
For all the collectors
They gouge the sales
What does it all mean
Who knows

Let's reveal the lack of content
The throwing of bricks
Instead of mortar

Jockeying for position
Rachel stared blankly
at the camera

Posted on: April 10 2015


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vacuum of celebrity eyes

by William Wakefield Quill-blue

This is about the random postings
That leave their mark
On you

I never meant
Throw the gondola down

Take off the headphones
When Raffle with yourself

Sentence fragments
and her it's all intentional

The geese breaking through the atmosphere

Silver birds punctual

Honking of a vacuum
Showboat on the shore

Vacuum of celebrity eyes

See their random

It left a mark on you

Posted on: March 28 2015


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