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Social Media Breakdown.

by B. W. Leigh Quill-red

Rotting in the undertones of hidden insecurity,

Rebellion takes place in the crevices and confines of my mind.

Disrespect is reflected

In the hectic connections

It wrecks my composure.

But I've already got closure

For the energy I spend

Trying to mend the rips and tears

A dead end relationship has left

In the confidence

I continue to wear,

Will now be spared for the sole purpose

Of reversing the curses

Diving headfirst

And finding someone truly worth this.

Posted on: June 10 2015


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By The Side of the Road

by B. W. Leigh Quill-red

You say I'll eat my words but I think I can resist.

Even my toenails would be more appetizing than this.

Your arms are covered in scars that mark what you truly are.

Your lies have bought me time with my guitar

But so far these words are the closest I can come

To following the north star.

You are a black hole

Twisting the truth

Into damage you can't undo.

Ruthless half-truths split my mind

As I try to find the line

Between which is your pride

And which is mine.

I'll be just fine if I can ever realize

That the soul I thought was my other half

Was meant to feel the wrath of a wasted life,

So much potential with no credentials

And a complete lack of motivation.

Keep lying with your useless excuses,

I'm not used to this.

I've found that your beautiful lies

Mark the the place in my heart

Where my confidence used to shine.

You'll find your reward

In the dust

By the side of the road.

Posted on: June 10 2015


Not yet rated / 5

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