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End of Soliphisis, the Merge

by Anonymous

Soliphering, ever unnoticed,

Through a cut in the crack on the wall of your life

Tunneling through chasmic gorges, rifflets in time,

Coming upon a sandbar, where water is warm,

Here I am.

Many moons ago, I was only myself, a head-dweller.

But now, I have come to answer the charmoring of a romarious individual,

My second half.


Here you are.

A steadstrong beacon in hurrisoon weather,

The wind-whittled sides of a rocky upcropping,

The tranquil sherbet hues of a horizonic sunset,

The whipples in a waterfall's rapids,

And...heck no, the waterfall itself.

You are gloriousness and finesse embodied,

A sharpness of the mind as it exists beyond my own.

Ond'far myself, I take you to exist.


Caught up in the magnitude of your spellbinding magnificism,

My tightstruck coils begin to mersuciously unravel,

Slothening at first, emfortuning beyond,

The electricism of our souls spizz as they spark,

Two souls, now one, no longer unrelones in the dark,

Hear me cry, for this is the end of soliphisis,

Hear me weep, sojoy.


Posted on: October 30 2014


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