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A New Scene

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

I think it's time for a new scene
Same movie, different screen 
If you know what I mean

New characters, same attitude 
People that understand lifes magnitude
And knows the meaning of gratitude

Or can I fast forward now 
To the end and I take my bow

To the time where all I hear is cheers
And my thoughts have never been more clear

I'm ready for a new scene
I'm ready for a new me

Posted on: March 20 2014


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by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

What makes you so afraid of the night

You're in the same place simply with no light

Are you afraid when you close your eyes

When you're telling the world brief goodbyes

Either way at the end of the day you're on your own

Or do you have a phobia of being alone

Maybe that's why you have to keep your phone

In a world with billions of people like you

You choose a lonely hell to go through

One that leads to only the one end

The one that your thoughts push you further than you can bend

It's time to give it up

Grab the glass of life and take a sup

So get out of your zone

And grow a backbone

Because nobody should make themselves live alone

Posted on: March 20 2014


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If You

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

If you want something to play with here's my heart
If you don't need any light you can join me in the dark

If you need someone to talk to I'm here
If you're afraid of being alone I'll wash away your fear

If you need a best friend I'm closer than you think
If you're thirsty for love I'll be your drink

If you're blind I'll help you see
If you forgot who cares about's me

Posted on: March 17 2014


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**i need help with a title and figuring out what could be wrong with her mentally**

by LillySkyWorks Quill-yellow

She stared in the mirror at her reflection as she slowly did her makeup. She was irritated. Her thoughts were negative and it was as if she was having an argument with someone in her head. Someone who wasn't her. 

-Im irrtated, she thought. Stop it.

Are you? Im not. 

Her face changed and she started laughing.

-No, stop it. Im irritated. Her face went somber and she shook her head. 

I'm amused. She laughed again.

-Why cant I be normal? Whats wrong with me? She was overcame with a sense of despair. 

Yes, because you think everything is wrong with you. Youre fucking insane. Go kill youself. 

-Shut up. Im not talking to you. You dont exist. She brushed the hair out of her face and stared in the mirror. God Im so fat. 

I know you are. Youre obese and pathetic. Eating disorder? More like "eating disorder of fries"

-Thats cruel. Get out of my fucking head. Stop. She hit the wall in anger. "Fuck!" 

This is a really rough draft of the begining of something I could possibly write. 

Posted on: March 15 2014


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she was left alone

by LillySkyWorks Quill-yellow

she is left alone to fight her thoughts

her depression creeping over her like 

water seeps over a body left in the water

left to float away.

she is left alone to ease her pain

her tear stained face ghost white,

metal friend by her side

blood dripping down her thigh.

she is left alone too many times 

her body found in the tub

stained pink over white,

metal friend by her side,

water creeping over her like her

depression once did


(open to suggestions on improvement) 

Posted on: March 13 2014


5.0 / 5


its all over

by LillySkyWorks Quill-yellow

I have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other,

I have a gun in my hand and





Posted on: March 13 2014


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this is probably depressing

by LillySkyWorks Quill-yellow

**this is written out of sheer boredom at four a.m. True story.**

I think about killing myself more than I think about what Im going to wear. This past year my life has been hell and the only thing Iv'e accomplished is failing. People keep telling me that I have to keep trying, I have to make an effort and things will get better, and I want them to. But I dont. I know that life isnt a constant, itll never be the same way forever, and I keep telling myself that suicide is perminitent and if I do it today I wont be here to see tomorrow and what if tomorrow is better? I have hope still that things will get better because life isnt a constant and it wont stay the same way forever. But Its been almost four years sience Ive written my first suicide note, and its been longer than that since my perverted cousin made me feel like I deserve all of the bad things in the world to come knocking on my door on the same day. 

I grew up in a trailer in a little town in Michigan. The corner store was the only store, and the ice cream shop, cemetery, and baseball field all shared a block. Houses were scattered here and there and the neighborhood wasnt very safe but nobody really messed with anyone else. My aunt and uncle lived across the road when I was just little, and I remember even then my cousin would take me behind the garage and mess around. I just dont remember when it started, and Im kind of glad but at the same time Im really irritated that I cant force myself to remember when it started. I remember that as I got older I resented my uncle and aunt, probably for being pill poppers who didnt take care of their three kids. 

Some nights I would lay in my bedroom and cry myself to sleep, throw my blankets and pillows on the floor and tell myself I was worthless and didnt deserve the roof over my head. My mom was a psycho bitch and still is. We had a lot of holes in our walls, from me and from her. I had anger issues, but I had a lot of issues. Haha, I still do. 

Posted on: March 13 2014


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by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

Tick tock goes the clock

Time just drags by like a snail

Seconds feel like weeks

Posted on: March 12 2014


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by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

My heart doesn't beat

There's no rhythm or a sound

It still waits for you

Posted on: March 11 2014


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Our Worlds Are So Small

by Venus in Furs Quill-purple

Our worlds are so small,

I think.

Have you ever kissed a lion?

Did you jump the fence?

Do your arms have holes?

If they close, will you remember them

as they were?

Do you eat oranges?

Is your heart on fire?


My world is small:

You and I.

The dishes and the dresser.

Keys on the table.

The light I left on.

Belt I hung on the doorknob.

A letter…I am shipwrecked.

The ocean in my dream.

It was purple.

I couldn’t find you.


The phone ringing.  The silence.

The man mowing the lawn.

The leaves.  How my mother once

jumped in them with me.

We were both younger.

The sky.  How sometimes it belongs to me.

Your eyes at night.  How they glow

brighter than the moon (I wonder

if it’s jealous).


My coat.  Your hands.

My world open

as our mouths

and small

but somehow, I think


Posted on: March 10 2014


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The Running

by HungerGamesGirl59 Quill-purple

you sent me up

into a new place

trapped inside a maze of hate

locked away from the monsters that wait

to take the runners lives away


we escaped

only to get stuck again

in a desert of light

that burns brighter but then

the insane will bite

our survival is slight

yet we continue to live on the mend


we broke out of the chains

flew off without pain

to fight for the rights of the race


we will regain power

and the controllers will be weakened

the thought process gone forever


that "some will will thrive

some will die

some will never get to try"


The Maze Runners



some will thrive

some will die

some will never get to try

Posted on: March 08 2014


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Everybody is a Star

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

Everybody is a star

Shining so bright and so far

Like the fireflies of the sky

I want to capture their light with no reason why


Everybody is part of the ocean

And the deeper you go

The more you'll know

That every tiny drop is another emotion


Everybody is the perfect gem

Hidden by the dirt that surrounds them

And before you try to scoff

Be sure to first dust them off


Everybody is beautiful in their own way

Whether they be big, little, black, white, straight or gay

And no matter what you say

Every beautiful person is here to stay

Posted on: March 05 2014


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Like Bonnie to Clyde

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

The thought of you warms my heart 

And you were glued to my mind from the start

You've brought me out of my dark

And even with you being so far I've been feeling a spark

I never thought it was possible

But to have you I would be unstoppable

Because for once I've met a different kind of someone

So will you take my hand so we can run

Just to get away from everything holding us back

And make a plan for our own attack

'Cause I want to make my partner in crime

Like Bonnie to Clyde I just want to make you mine

We could rob the world

Just say you'll be the one

Posted on: March 04 2014


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Through His Eyes

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

A lot of people have done me wrong

So let me write this song

Of all the sin that has come and passed

Most of which I knew would never last

Some people lied and betrayed me

Others did things I never could see

But for everyone that has done me bad 

I always knew I could never stay mad

Because that's what I was put here for

To be ripped, broken and torn to the core

But like He did I will rise again

To show everybody they're better than this sin

And they can do better than they've done me

Through His eyes every one of them will see

Posted on: March 04 2014


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Like Father, Like Son

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

Growing up my dad was never around

He was always at work or somewhere in town

He never taught me anything as a kid

There wasn't much for me that he did

Other than show me how not to be 

He wasn't the greatest person you see

He smoked, drank and sniffed a little bit

And as we struggled he wouldn't quit

Greed and lust was always what he was about

But I can't say I'm perfect for I took part of the same route

But as I grew up I saw my flaws

I've changed a lot but I'll never fix them all

Because just like my dad they're a part of me

And perfect is something I'll never see

Posted on: March 04 2014


4.0 / 5


My Message

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

Life is oh so cold

Just like the stories I never told

You don't know the real side of somebody

Until you can break their mold

Don't be so bold or you'll scare them away

Time isn't against you

Take it easy and wait for the perfect day

If it's meant to be they'll stay 

But don't be hurt if they forget you

Fitting in and being happy is all they wanna do

If you can't give them everything

They'll leave for anything

Life doesn't give breaks

Keep working and see what it makes

You make your own happy ending 

That's the message I am sending

Posted on: March 04 2014


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Soul Mate, Heartbreak

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

What is a soul mate

Just some girl you took on a date

The girl you took on fate

The only girl within your mind

And she couldn't escape

Or maybe she's just another heartbreak

But what is heartbreak

A feeling you get when you feel love and hate

It's your heart at stake

Life's too short to let your heart ache

Remember the past and appreciate 

But don't let yourself wait

Your future is coming

Open your eyes to what it's becoming

And don't hold on to the past as you're numbing

Posted on: March 04 2014


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Forever True

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

Woke up crying went to sleep in pain

Woke up fucked up

These dreams won't go away

Every time I close my eyes I live another memory

I hear every last one of your goodbyes play a scary melody

I know we can no longer be

And that you're no longer here for me

But all the pain you left is still here

It's something that won't go away I fear

So now I'm praying for something new

Since I'm tired of the pain I've been through

For God to send me somebody nothing like you 

So I can live with a love that's forever true

Posted on: March 04 2014


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Staci Porzelius

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

So what do you say about a girl with everything

To someone who could smile at you and leave a sting

And with eyes as deep as the sea and as blue as the sky

'Cause her beauty is something nobody could deny

I have to admit with the way she walks

People know she's breaking hearts

Or making guys wish they had her from the start

Really because she's the type of girl that most only dream about

Zoned alone without a doubt

Every woman around the world

Lives to simply be like this girl

If you haven't already got it yet

Upon this universe there's a girl we all wished we've met

She's also the girl nobody could ever forget

Posted on: March 04 2014


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Head Of Lies

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

Flying through the ocean, sailing on air

My life doesn't make sense, but I really don't care

Happy one moment, but fighting my thoughts the next

My future's right around the corner, just a few  more steps

I don't have anyone to help me through the dark

So I'll rip my chest open and try to follow my heart

On the path to my destination I run into a wall

Not knowing where it came from or if I turned wrong

I feel around to see if I can get by

But instead I find myself trapped inside my head of lies

For me I always said you were the one

But now you have him and days of "us" are done

Posted on: March 04 2014


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Hearts Last Ride

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

I had a dream the other night

And I thought about it today

Since his heart's cold as ice 

Maybe soon he'll fade away

I see the sickness in his face

I see the darkness of his mind

Soon he'll know his mistakes 

And you'll finally be mine

But baby I hope you plan to stay

If you're by my side

Because I'm tired of people who like to play

And this is my hearts last ride

Posted on: March 04 2014


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Awake tonight

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

I lay awake tonight

Thinking about you

Nothing in sight

And nothing to do


I close my eyes to see you smile

Seems like beauty for a mile

There's no denying you're the one I want

Though I always leave myself with a taunt


I wonder if you could love me

And  is it anywhere close to what you feel for him

I'm shooting for your heart

Even if I just hit rim


But if I don't make it

I hope you'll still let me take it

Because you're all I could ask for and more

Just don't leave me like the rest have

Broken, used and left on the floor


I promise we could change the world together 

Not for today or tomorrow but forever

Take my hand and we'll make our own path

With no fear of anybody but our own wrath

Posted on: March 04 2014


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Accidentally A Mystery

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

Literally nobody knows everything about the real me

I don't try to hide I'm just accidentally a mystery 

And no matter what people knows

It's never really how it goes

All I want is to flee


A ghost in the walls 

A phantom in the shadows 

Hidden behind my flaws

That change my tomorrows

And I can't break free


A lifetime of hurt and regret

Has made me the man nobody will forget

One of a kind

Never in line

Just alone trying to learn

How to keep away from the burn

I can't even see


Is there more to life than this

When can I live my eternal bliss

With no more worries or fears

When I can dry all my hidden tears

And see what my purpose reveals

I'm waiting on a lock to fit my key

Until then I won't even know me

Posted on: March 04 2014


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It's all in your head

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

The urge is all in your head

It's voices leading to your death

I know life's a mess

But it's better for you than for the dead

The urge is all in your head

It's time to lay it to rest

And addiction is just a word

I don't care what you heard

I know it's probably something you don't get

But your life is more important than that cheap cigarette

So lay it down

No throw it down

Once the smoke clears you'll feel better just you bet

'Cause the urge is all in your head

Posted on: March 04 2014


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by Magnus64 Quill-yellow


Night arrives
Eclipsed by neon vacancies
And is shoved into an alleyway
While screens screen darkness,
Sounds of sirens whimper
In a clear sky
Of tainted light,
Revealing nothing.  


Morning reveals everything:
Resuscitations of epileptic avenues
And smoky smog smells of stale
Waiting for coffee
In hotel lobbies
And taxi fares
In back pockets,
Leaving recollections behind
In choked rooms
Overlooking the harbour.


Twilight comes with artificial imaginations
Of planned plans
And social confinements on musky dance floors
With wrenched sound they call music,
I cup both hands covering my ears
And make music of my own.

I pass cocktail charades
In a street of alcohol haze
And succumb to charades myself
Arms flayed,


"Lying in the stillness and darkness
Of night,
Everything appears as though in daylight"
I notice how the city night
Vanishes in city light
And I dream of
Broken constellations
In a clear sky.


Posted on: February 28 2014


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