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Through His Eyes

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

A lot of people have done me wrong

So let me write this song

Of all the sin that has come and passed

Most of which I knew would never last

Some people lied and betrayed me

Others did things I never could see

But for everyone that has done me bad 

I always knew I could never stay mad

Because that's what I was put here for

To be ripped, broken and torn to the core

But like He did I will rise again

To show everybody they're better than this sin

And they can do better than they've done me

Through His eyes every one of them will see

Posted on: March 04 2014


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Like Father, Like Son

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

Growing up my dad was never around

He was always at work or somewhere in town

He never taught me anything as a kid

There wasn't much for me that he did

Other than show me how not to be 

He wasn't the greatest person you see

He smoked, drank and sniffed a little bit

And as we struggled he wouldn't quit

Greed and lust was always what he was about

But I can't say I'm perfect for I took part of the same route

But as I grew up I saw my flaws

I've changed a lot but I'll never fix them all

Because just like my dad they're a part of me

And perfect is something I'll never see

Posted on: March 04 2014


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My Message

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

Life is oh so cold

Just like the stories I never told

You don't know the real side of somebody

Until you can break their mold

Don't be so bold or you'll scare them away

Time isn't against you

Take it easy and wait for the perfect day

If it's meant to be they'll stay 

But don't be hurt if they forget you

Fitting in and being happy is all they wanna do

If you can't give them everything

They'll leave for anything

Life doesn't give breaks

Keep working and see what it makes

You make your own happy ending 

That's the message I am sending

Posted on: March 04 2014


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Soul Mate, Heartbreak

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

What is a soul mate

Just some girl you took on a date

The girl you took on fate

The only girl within your mind

And she couldn't escape

Or maybe she's just another heartbreak

But what is heartbreak

A feeling you get when you feel love and hate

It's your heart at stake

Life's too short to let your heart ache

Remember the past and appreciate 

But don't let yourself wait

Your future is coming

Open your eyes to what it's becoming

And don't hold on to the past as you're numbing

Posted on: March 04 2014


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Forever True

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

Woke up crying went to sleep in pain

Woke up fucked up

These dreams won't go away

Every time I close my eyes I live another memory

I hear every last one of your goodbyes play a scary melody

I know we can no longer be

And that you're no longer here for me

But all the pain you left is still here

It's something that won't go away I fear

So now I'm praying for something new

Since I'm tired of the pain I've been through

For God to send me somebody nothing like you 

So I can live with a love that's forever true

Posted on: March 04 2014


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Staci Porzelius

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

So what do you say about a girl with everything

To someone who could smile at you and leave a sting

And with eyes as deep as the sea and as blue as the sky

'Cause her beauty is something nobody could deny

I have to admit with the way she walks

People know she's breaking hearts

Or making guys wish they had her from the start

Really because she's the type of girl that most only dream about

Zoned alone without a doubt

Every woman around the world

Lives to simply be like this girl

If you haven't already got it yet

Upon this universe there's a girl we all wished we've met

She's also the girl nobody could ever forget

Posted on: March 04 2014


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Head Of Lies

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

Flying through the ocean, sailing on air

My life doesn't make sense, but I really don't care

Happy one moment, but fighting my thoughts the next

My future's right around the corner, just a few  more steps

I don't have anyone to help me through the dark

So I'll rip my chest open and try to follow my heart

On the path to my destination I run into a wall

Not knowing where it came from or if I turned wrong

I feel around to see if I can get by

But instead I find myself trapped inside my head of lies

For me I always said you were the one

But now you have him and days of "us" are done

Posted on: March 04 2014


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Hearts Last Ride

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

I had a dream the other night

And I thought about it today

Since his heart's cold as ice 

Maybe soon he'll fade away

I see the sickness in his face

I see the darkness of his mind

Soon he'll know his mistakes 

And you'll finally be mine

But baby I hope you plan to stay

If you're by my side

Because I'm tired of people who like to play

And this is my hearts last ride

Posted on: March 04 2014


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Awake tonight

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

I lay awake tonight

Thinking about you

Nothing in sight

And nothing to do


I close my eyes to see you smile

Seems like beauty for a mile

There's no denying you're the one I want

Though I always leave myself with a taunt


I wonder if you could love me

And  is it anywhere close to what you feel for him

I'm shooting for your heart

Even if I just hit rim


But if I don't make it

I hope you'll still let me take it

Because you're all I could ask for and more

Just don't leave me like the rest have

Broken, used and left on the floor


I promise we could change the world together 

Not for today or tomorrow but forever

Take my hand and we'll make our own path

With no fear of anybody but our own wrath

Posted on: March 04 2014


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Accidentally A Mystery

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

Literally nobody knows everything about the real me

I don't try to hide I'm just accidentally a mystery 

And no matter what people knows

It's never really how it goes

All I want is to flee


A ghost in the walls 

A phantom in the shadows 

Hidden behind my flaws

That change my tomorrows

And I can't break free


A lifetime of hurt and regret

Has made me the man nobody will forget

One of a kind

Never in line

Just alone trying to learn

How to keep away from the burn

I can't even see


Is there more to life than this

When can I live my eternal bliss

With no more worries or fears

When I can dry all my hidden tears

And see what my purpose reveals

I'm waiting on a lock to fit my key

Until then I won't even know me

Posted on: March 04 2014


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It's all in your head

by Ryan Carter Quill-orange

The urge is all in your head

It's voices leading to your death

I know life's a mess

But it's better for you than for the dead

The urge is all in your head

It's time to lay it to rest

And addiction is just a word

I don't care what you heard

I know it's probably something you don't get

But your life is more important than that cheap cigarette

So lay it down

No throw it down

Once the smoke clears you'll feel better just you bet

'Cause the urge is all in your head

Posted on: March 04 2014


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by Magnus64 Quill-yellow


Night arrives
Eclipsed by neon vacancies
And is shoved into an alleyway
While screens screen darkness,
Sounds of sirens whimper
In a clear sky
Of tainted light,
Revealing nothing.  


Morning reveals everything:
Resuscitations of epileptic avenues
And smoky smog smells of stale
Waiting for coffee
In hotel lobbies
And taxi fares
In back pockets,
Leaving recollections behind
In choked rooms
Overlooking the harbour.


Twilight comes with artificial imaginations
Of planned plans
And social confinements on musky dance floors
With wrenched sound they call music,
I cup both hands covering my ears
And make music of my own.

I pass cocktail charades
In a street of alcohol haze
And succumb to charades myself
Arms flayed,


"Lying in the stillness and darkness
Of night,
Everything appears as though in daylight"
I notice how the city night
Vanishes in city light
And I dream of
Broken constellations
In a clear sky.


Posted on: February 28 2014


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The Music of Our Dying World

by The Essence of Poetry Quill-yellow

\                                                     /

We are dancing to fascism and egoism,

     Waltzing to capitalism and imperialism,

         Bobbing our heads like puppets of isms,


\                                                                   /

Our minds become hypnotised with this conclusion,

 To build large fortunes and more confusion,

             Captivated by the evils of materialism,

                         We are all twirling in this illusion,



But the truth whispers behind the curtains,

Where there is poverty, famine,

Corruption and disproportion,

While the rich stand in ovation,

and applaud the distribution of capitalism.


In our silent moments of humanity,

Our conscience cuts the strings loose,

and the guilt begins to hum through,

We lay disabled and wide-eyed,

The sound too overwhelming to listen to.


We give our hand to belief,

and bow to nothing,


\                                                          /

Waiting to be possessed by our puppeteers,

   To be subjugated and oppressed,

           To dance,

To the music of our dying world,

                          To dance and clap,

                               As the truth grows louder,

                                  To dance and to clap and laugh,

Until we slowly grow deaf together.



Shamsa Al- Shaksy (The Essence of Poetry)






Posted on: February 22 2014


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lung butter

by William Wakefield Quill-purple

In a Ghetto Rennaisance

stream-lined high rises
the spotlights
shine their sorrow

lung butter
fills the mic

They were statues with axes
stream-lined high rise
spotlights on tomorrow

lung butter
fills the place

in a Ghetto Century
stream-lined high rises
take the cake
spotlight on forever
in an ambient lake

can you see the emty eyes
of a monkey on a donkey
riding to a bakery

In a Ghetto Rennaisance

Posted on: February 20 2014


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nervous girl

by William Wakefield Quill-purple

nervous girl

Your download habits
Predict intelligence
Climbing out of
a candy store

nervous girl
touching dirty dog bodies
in the basement 
You feel safer when you're with somebody
Screaming your name
What's more
for free will include

A subscription to breathe
A complete symphony
Of Wind
Many other fine items

Who's in charge?
No one can answer
Who did this
Find the trail

Never reveal

Membership in the club of those who walk upright to
A seat in the front row
This set of treasures


Posted on: February 20 2014


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by Chantalle Quill-red

Two families fight.

The line between good and bad

Keeps them from bloodshed.

Posted on: February 20 2014


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Sorry Deer

by Chantalle Quill-red

Up to the golf tee.

I swing, the ball slices

and hits a deer’s butt.

Posted on: February 20 2014


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Wait for It…

by Chantalle Quill-red

Putter in my hand,

reading the green—going right.

Brush the grass, then *click*

Posted on: February 20 2014


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by William Wakefield Quill-purple

Dance of the
wine glasses
Clinging in time

Dance of the
hyperactive elbows
Cleaning in time

Dance of the frantic actors

She dances with sheets
Rolling them around her

She dances with sheep

She predicted the future

And she returned
with the instructions

She dances with sheep
Bleating her name

With little
But a peep

She predicted the instruction:
We are bleeding her name

Frantic actors
Drinking fine wines


Posted on: February 09 2014


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by Antonia Morova Quill-red

I love you endlessly, like the night

stretching on forever into



Blindly, in this darkness I stumble

loving you without having touched, I



And in this searching I find

that my love for you breeds



Clearly I love you

how could I not love your still, golden



Eyes that are still

and still



When inside me, the

confusion clouds, and misery



When my heart seems

to be screaming out, as if it were



Your eyes, they silence—the chaotic throbbing

once so painful in my chest, is



In your eyes, your eyes, all falls away

I see only you and your exact



Oh, you silence all.


Posted on: February 07 2014


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The Stone Holders

by Paul III Quill-red

Title Here

By: Paul Bratz III


              Just another day, working on my families farm, slowly plowing the fields, searching…searching for a specific stone, A perfect stone. It’s getting late in the evening and after a long days work, I’m beginning to feel exhausted. I pick up the plow and carry it back to the barn. After I close the barn doors for the night I head to the enormous oak tree to sit and rest. I tilt my head back to gaze and the beautiful stars. I take a large deep breath, preparing myself for a soft slumber. Sniiiifff!

        “Awww yeah!” I yell.

        I smell the sweet, soothing scent of freshly baked apple pie. Sniiifff! I jump up and sprint toward the house. I race through the doorway and hug my dear mother as tight as humanly possible.

        “I could smell it all the way at the tree.” I said.

        “Well, it’s just going to have to wait until after supper.” She replied.

        I release my hug and slumped all the way to the well outside. I reel up a bucket of water to bring inside. When I come back in I see that my father and younger brother are now home. I place the bucket on the table so that everybody can wash their hands. I was the last one to wash so I took the bucket of dirtied water and threw it out the door for the grass. I sat down at the quiet table and we began to pass around the food. After we said the blessing and then we dug in. I enjoyed the silence until my mother broke it with an akward question directed toward me.

        “Zar dear, how is your little rock collection coming?” She asked, pretending to care.

        “It isn’t a rock collection… I’m only looking for one rock…” I replied sounding a bit disrespectful.

        That caused my father to make a stern glare toward me. I knew it was coming yet I proceeded to make eye contact with him, a regretful decision.

        “After supper you have to fill up the pig pen with fresh scraps…” My mother commanded.

        “But I have to go see Mr. Sonars at the book house!” Again sounding disrespectful.

        “Ahem…” Whispered my father under his breath.

        I looked toward him once again only to see his demeaning gaze. I acknowledge my mother and continue eating. After supper I eat my slice of pie. I quickly devour the thick, delicious slice then I headed for the door. I wave for my brother to follow me outside. I make my way to a safe distance from the house ensuring that my parents could not hear me.

        “What will it take for you to fill the pig pen for me?” I ask my little brother.

        “I want a rock from your collection.” He firmly replied.

        “For the last time, it’s not a colle...nevermind. Fine you can have one of my rocks.” I said.

        I reassured my little brother that he could have a rock when he was finished. I then left for the book house. Right outside of town, I knocked on the front door. Rif, Mr. Sonars’s large dog, greets me. He jumps on his hind legs putting his front paws on the doors’ handle. Rif opens the door to let me in.

        “Mr. Sonars, are you here?” I yell as I bend down to pet Rif.

        “Ah! You’re back, any luck?” Mr. Sonars yelled back from behind many shelves filled with many, many books.

        “No, I haven’t found the rock yet.” I replied.

        I see him come up an isle in his old ragged cloak that he always wears. He seemed to have a rather thick book in his hands.

        “I found a book that might interest you…”He told me in a low suspicious voice.

        I gladly took the book from his hands and sat at the table.

The title of the book was Edrev. It was a old, limp book with the author scratched off of the front.

        “Go to page 124…” Mr. Sonars commanded.

        I start to read and soon become sucked into  ancient book. It was handwritten and barely legible.

        “This book is great! Just what I was looking for!” I exclaimed.

        I looked up discovering that Mr. Sonars had returned to the back. I continue to read and soak as much information as I can. It was filled with secrets on the stone I was looking for. The immense power hidden inside it. It seemed to be a journal that was previously owned by a man looking for the same stone I was. It talks about myths, legends demonstrating its power. I turn the page to see a rough illustration of five men wearing cloaks with their faces covered by hoods. On the adjacent page was a paragraph or two about them. They were people destined to have the stones that they did. They did not live at the same time, yet the stone made them immortal, for when one Stone Holder died or had their stone destroyed another was created. They had great power, they fought great evils and succeeded.

        Waking up on the familiar chair of the book house with Edrev face down on my chest made me realize that I had fallen asleep reading the book.

        “Good, you’re awake. Get up, we have to go into town to get your little brother a gift for Algantgar!” My mother yelled from the front door.

        “I hate this holiday! Why can’t it be in two months instead of two days?!” I moaned back.

        “It’s in one day Zar…” She answered.

         I carefully put Edrev down and crawled off of the soft, comfortable chair, a struggle, and walked to the front door to meet my mother.

It wasn’t much of a trip, not that I was really paying attention with all of the newly learned information on the Stone Holders flooding my brain. For hours I walked with my mother. We… well she finally decided to get my brother a fishing pole. It was a fine wood pole, sure to catch a fish or two. Of course I was a little jealous. I hate this holiday and yet I am still ecstatic and hopefully curious about my gift. It was typical of my mother to push this shopping off until the last second. I figured that she hadn’t got mine yet so I decided to keep an eye on her all day long to see what she gets.

When we make it home my mother goes inside doing her best to hide the fishing pole. I stay outside to finish plowing the garden. Every five minutes I go up to the house and stick my head into the door to check on my mother. This caused the plowing to take an outrageous amount of time. When I was finished I felt a bit of deja vu carrying the plow back to the barn and sitting under the tree, exhausted. I was having trouble keeping my eyes open so I decided to get up and go inside. During supper I refused to spark a conversation or talk at all. I was extremely mad knowing that my mother had forgotten to get my gift. It could have been a grain of rice for all I care, it was just the fact that she forgot. I quickly consumed my food, cleaned my plate, and went to my room, earlier than normal. I try to calm myself down and go to sleep.




Getting up was a drag considering I was still extremely tired and… today was Algantgar…

“Zar dear. Come into the living room please.” Yelled my mother.

I knew we were about to exchange gifts. I leaped out of bed motivated by wanting to see the look on my brothers face when he receives his gift. As I jump around the corner I see all three faces smiling at me. My mother is holding up a small package up to me.

“Is that mine?” I ask her.

“Of course it is Zar.” She replied.

I take the package into my hands, suprised at its weight, heavier than  expected. It was tightly covered in a brown paper, wrinkled all over. It was not something I could shake to determine its contents yet the wrapping was not tight enough to show any details. Still trying to figure out what is was I sat in a free seat with it firmly in my hands. My father nudged me with his elbow provoking me to open it. I was overjoyed that my mother did remember.

As I slowly peel off the paper a smooth, shiny, green stone, shimmering in the sunlight, emerged. Energy and excitement flowed through my body while my mouth made a smile as large as a crescent moon. I looked up at my parents, then back to it. It was a stone… the stone.

No… it couldn't be…

“It took us weeks to look for the perfect rock to add to your collection.” My mother tells me.

Yes… it was, the green stone that I had read about, wrote about, dreamt about. I sat back in amazement.

A small town, farm boy, living on the countryside of Norirn, in possession of such a stone! I can’t believe it! I can only imagine the things that I could do with this thing. I could become a famous hero. My brain flows and sparks with new and different possibilities. I start to breath heavily… my eyes start to close...

“Son are you okay?” Asked my father, sounding muffled and distorted.

Thud! I faint.

        I wake up, eyes blinking, breathing back to normal, laying of the floor with my family surrounding me. My hearing is returning to normal.

        “Son can you hear me?” My father yells.

        I nod my head and slowly get up with the help of my father.

        “Sorry, I guess I got a little too excited.” I say.

        “It’s just a rock…” Exclaimed my father.

        My mother scolds him. He makes a subtle, questioning shrug of his wide shoulders. I find my stone and head to the door. I can’t wait to show Mr. Sonars.

        “Ahh… where do you think you’re going?”

        “To the book house…” I reply.

        “If you’re going into town, you have to take your brother with you.”

        I nod my head and my little brother comes racing around the corner. We both set off to the book house.

        “You have to do exactly as I say, do you understand?”

        He nods his head in disagreement with a frown on his face.

        “I don’t want you to get hurt.” I say.

        He jumps in front of  me with a stern, stubborn look. He readies himself in a fighting position. Then begins punching and kicking the air like the cute little kid that he was. I tried my hardest not to laugh.

        “Heya!! Oohh!! Heyyaa!!” He screams during each blow.

        “Okay, okay, I get it. Lets go.”

        We continue to walk and we soon arrive.


        “Come in!” Yelled Mr. Sonars.

        We open the door and walk in, greeted by Mr. Sonars.

        “Anything interesting?” He asked me.

        “You have no idea…” I replay.

        My little brother runs off through the shelves of books to somewhere in the back. I can hear him punching walls and yelling.

        “Well, what is it?!” Mr. Sonars asked with a sense of urgency and suspense in his face.

        “It is the gift my family got me for Algantgar”. I replied.


        “They spent weeks looking for it.” I told him.

        “By the size of the smile on your face i would guess that you had struck gold!” He exclaimed, a smile returning to his face.


        “Tell me already! I can’t wait any longer, I have to know. What could be better than solid gold?!” Exclaimed Mr. Sonars as he jumped into the air.

        I stern my face, calming him down, quietly telling him.

        “They found it…” I said.

        “What do you mean?...”

        “They found it…” I say with a slightly higher tone.



Let me know what you think and if I should keep writing.

Posted on: February 04 2014


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by William Wakefield Quill-purple

This is us
before we're
haunting houses

Kevin's trapped
in the basement

He's still trying
to find a way
to fade away
This was us
while we were
trapped in houses
holding onto curtains
long dissolved
by the centuries

This is us
while we're
trapped in basements
preaching to the darkness

This is us
before we got
trapped in houses

trying to fade away

This is us
before we
fade away
I don't want
to do this

Posted on: February 02 2014


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Trials Of Life

by Lyall Jenkins Quill-red

The following story is pure fiction. It deals with Love, Depression and Death. It was not written based on any mangas/animes i have read, it was purely sought up from imagination.



My name is Kojima Yokamora, 2 years ago i transferred from my old high school to the one I’m in now, I’m in my 3rd year of school and its never been better. There were a lot of circumstances that made me transfer. I normally wouldn’t tell anyone why i left, I didn’t even tell anyone i was leaving either. I just up and disappeared. Moved away from the area and was never heard from again is what some of my old classmates would say.

Everything was going fine for the 1st year of high school. I joined the soccer club and became captain. According to the friends i had when i was there. I had a lot of girls after me. There was one girl I liked a lot, her name was Mitsuki Yamada and i planned to confess to her. Not one day would go by, without finding myself staring at her. It was the time of the school festival during my first year there that i planned to confess to her. I knew that she was single and i was pretty sure she liked me a little bit. At least i thought i had a small chance of being with her. But that was about to change.


The festival came around and everything was going fine. It was a bit unexpected but during the bonfire she asked me to dance with her. Anyone would think that if a girl did that, it meant she liked you. Well if only i was so lucky. The dance went fine and after it she and i went and got some food and something to drink. Sitting down on the field with her talking about the year and how its been, i decided to confess. Her reply shocked me. Of all things, she said to me "Don’t get me wrong. I danced with you out of pity. You’re not really my type. Thank you for the food, but no. I can’t." My heart tore in two.

I couldn’t even say anything in reply to her answer. I looked around at all the newly made couples and it made my heart rip even more. All I could think of is "Why?". I left the festival not long after and went home. I live by myself which made it harder because i needed the support of my family. All i could do was lay on my bed with a blank stare on my face. Emotionless is what you could call it. That night went slow, Very slow and it seemed to drag on for days. When the sun rose i was still awake. I waited for a few hours so my parents would be awake to call them. I told mum about the situation and she said sell up and come home. I could tell she was worried for me by the expression in her voice. I said to her i would be home in about a few weeks’ time after school went back because i had to get the transfer papers sorted to go to the school back home.

I decided to go home for Christmas to get everything sorted there for when i returned. By the time i came back it was a week before school went back. I thought it would be best to pack up everything and get it sent home. The remaining 2 weeks i would be at that school never felt like it was the same school i was in before Christmas. She never looked at me once. Which made me hurt even more. After the first week i ended up leaving the soccer club and seeing the principle about my transfer to the school at home.

He asked me the reason why and all i could say is that. "I’m sorry sir, it’s a bit personal." He was a kind old man and he looked at me like i was his own son. "No Problem" he said. "I will have the papers sorted by the end of the day and sent for you. When are you leaving?" I couldn’t say much to him. As he and myself got along well. All i could say was "Sunday". He smiled and asked me "What do you want me to tell your teacher or anyone that asks" "I'll leave that up to you" is all I managed to say. I shook his hand, walked out of his office and walked home. It would be the last time i would walk in and out of the school grounds. I could feel someone looking at me but i didn’t care. I would never know that it was her watching me.

I arrived home at my parents place and somehow felt relieved. "Did you sell the flat?" mum asked not too much longer after I came home. I was a bit shocked when she said that but i found out later that mum was only thinking of my education. The apartment sold for 5 million yen. It was plenty enough for my education and plenty for spending. The faithful day came around when I had to go to my new school. Well it was really my old school. So it wasn’t to bad returning there. A few people recognized me and welcomed me back with open arms. But no matter how much I was welcomed back, or how many new friends I made.

Nothing would replace the heartache I suffered back during the festival. A few weeks past and i found myself being the centre of attention for a lot of girls again. I didn’t mind this, but it brought back more memories that I didn’t want. I'm not sure how much longer I can take this. Hmm all i need to do is have a break. When the holidays come around, I’m going to disappear. I know a small beach where I use to camp that’s isolated. Here’s hoping no one else knows about it.

The remaining 4 weeks of school before the holidays seemed to fly by. A few of my classmates asked me what I’m going to do, I just told them a simple white lie. There was no way I wanted to be near anyone during my rest. Of course i let my parents know where I was going and I was off. Everything packed I planned to stay there for a week. I had enough previsions to last me for 2 weeks if I wanted to stay there longer. The beach was a good 2 hour hike from my parents place. I happened to find it by accident one day when I was exploring as a kid with my older brother Koichi. Long ago he passed away in a accident. My parents were never the same. I wasn’t either. I knew i had to do something to i did my best at everything and ended up where i was before i moved back home.

I arrived at the beach and it still looked the same. Totally enclosed in with thick forests surrounding the beach, with huge boulders on the sand making the beach seem circular. There is only one way in and one way out. Lucky for me. The tide doesn’t come up to where I’m going to set my tent. Its really the perfect spot to relax. The day passed away quite slowly and for once it was nice being alone. Days seemed to go by without a problem. At night I would lay on the beach and look at the stars.

During the day I would relax in the ocean, walk about the area looking at things that have washed up or spend time in the tent reading. It was about 4 days into my excursion when my cell phone rang. It was mum saying some girl rang for me. She said her name was Mitsuki, and that she would be coming to see me in 4 days because she had something to tell me. I couldn’t say much to mum. All I could mutter out was "Ok" after I said that she told me to be careful and return safely.

Utterly dumbfounded I decided to go for a walk along the beach to try and gather my thoughts. "What am i going to do" "I can’t face her after she broke my heart" were some of the things that I thought of. Even contemplated ending my life because that phone call reminded me, and brought back a lot of heartache. I thought it would be best to hear her out. See if she had a valuable explanation for what she said. I knew it in myself that what she said that day was the truth. 3 days passed and i decided it would be in my best interest to head home so i packed everything up and took the long walk home. I should’ve paid more attention to the path. Little did I know, that day would be my last.

Mr Kojima Yokamora’s body was found 2 days later at the bottom of a cliff. He suffered major internal and external injuries and passed away the same night he fell. His funeral was held a week later and everyone from his old high school and the school he went back to who knew him attended it. One person that seemed to be upset the most was Ms Mitsuki Yamada. Mr Kojima Yokamora’s Mother asked Ms Yamada as to why she came to see him. Her reply to that was that she was going to confess her love for him. After he left the previous school he was attending a lot of his old classmates including his teacher were shocked. Ms Mitsuki Yamada feeling that having seeing that Mr Kojima Yokamora had left had realised her true feelings for him. To this day. Ms Yamada changed her last name to Yokamora and visits Kojima Yokamora's grave every day. Ms Yokamora would often think about what would have happened if she said yes to him that faithful night. She thought that maybe all this could have been avoided.

Everyone has multiple paths to go down when determining their future. An example is this story. If Ms Yamada accepted Mr Yokamora's confession. He would still be alive today.

Posted on: January 30 2014


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world gone wild

by William Wakefield Quill-purple

Being a trooper
In a flat universe
Up among the memories
Hurling down like yesterday

Up among the memories choosing our own telepathies
Leading by example never by chance

Stepping in a minefield
Certainly misled by half-truths

Being a trooper in a flat universe
Down among tomorrow's
44 years of hyperbole

Telepathy's sneaking in
Framing material

Trees suck their leaves back
The rain rises up into the night sky

You and I are surely over that
The blank silence withdraws

Years stuck upon years
Taking flight from the window

Surely you and I are over that
This harsh new tomorrow

Surely you and I are over that
This brave new world gone wild

Let's recant her testimony
Turn the page on chapters gone wrong
Let's revise our history


Posted on: January 29 2014


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Later, bye

by William Wakefield Quill-purple

Great are those unsung
Surfing the divided lines

They don't give up anything
They never make a mistake
You can see them in the doorway
Later bye

And when you see them
Say I said hello
And when you tell them
Everything they need to know
They won't give up anything
They made a mistake
You can see them all in the doorway

Later bye
Later bye

When I say hello
See them in the doorway
When they rev their engines
You are there
In the car window

Here than there
my home away
Later bye

She made a mistake
See them in the doorway
Later bye


Posted on: January 29 2014


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